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The Emerald Flame by postcurious postcurious
Pre-order a narrative puzzle adventure about a a legendary alchemist, a strange comet, and a mysterious elixir.
Apprentice Pack
Apprentice Pack

Apprentice Pack

2 Puzzles & 2 Enamel Pins
229mmx305mm / 9"x12"

Product description

The Apprentice pack includes:
-1 puzzle postcard
-1 letter
-1 illustrated puzzle
-2 enamel pins (each approx. 22mmx22mm)

The puzzles in the Apprentice pack are a thematic prequel to The Emerald Flame but can be played independently of the base game. Online hints are provided for the puzzles and components do not need to be destroyed during play.

Colors may vary from photo.

*Price has been adjusted since the Kickstarter since the Apprentice Pack now includes 2 enamel pins.

Artwork by Rita Orlov, Jack Fallows, and Liiga Klavina
Delivery in 2021

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