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The Emerald Flame by postcurious postcurious
Pre-order a narrative puzzle adventure about a a legendary alchemist, a strange comet, and a mysterious elixir.

Project overview

The Emerald Flame is a narrative tabletop puzzle game told in three parts. Commissioned by the Koschei Historical Society, players take the role of a historical expert embarking on a quest to piece together the recipe for a fabled elixir by investigating maps, drawings, alchemical diagrams, and mysterious artifacts. Combining history, hand-drawn illustration, vibrant characters, and original puzzles, The Emerald Flame will challenge and engage players of all experience levels. Each installment takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete, for a recommended group size of 1-4 people.

Pre-orders only. Delivery in 2021.

Language Info:
- Eine PDF-Übersetzung des Spieltextes wird in deutscher Sprache verfügbar sein.
- Une traduction PDF du texte du jeu sera disponible en français.
- Una traducción en PDF del texto del juego estará disponible en español.

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