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Stronghold: Undead by Portal Games Portal Games
An epic strategy game for two players telling the story of a siege.
This project does not accept any more orders at this time.

Project overview

The tireless forces of Arkhton march towards the Pearl Keep. An undead army of Vampires, Skeletons, and Phantoms. It will reach the fortress in a few days. An epic struggle will determine the outcome, as courage opposes tyranny, light opposes darkness, and arrogance opposes desperation.

  Which side are you on?

Stronghold: Undead

  • Stronghold: Undead deluxe edition
    Ultimate edition of the unique 2-player siege game!
  • Stronghold: Undead regular edition
    Brand new edition of the acclaimed expansion to the Stronghold boardgame. Now as a standalone game with new outstanding artwork and components!

Stronghold: Undead Add-ons

  • Playmat 1000x680mm
    Huge (1000x680mm) playmat for the game with totally new unique artwork, replacing the board.
  • Alternate units
    To bring the replayability to an insane level we bring you a set of alternate units for the Invader.
  • Holy Order cards
    Defender may invite to his Stronghold Priests from one of the four different Monasteries - each with a uniqe ability.
  • Courage cards
    Set of 12 Courage cards which rewards the Defender for keeping the Panic level low.

Stronghold upgrade packs for previous editions

  • Upgrade pack for Stronghold 1st ed.
    Upgrade pack for the owners of the Stronghold 1st edition. Consists of wooden components form the 2nd edition, rulebook, deck of cards, player aid and building tiles.
  • Invader Meeples for Stronghold 2nd ed.
    Set of Invader Meeples for Stronghold 2.0. Consists of 130 beautiful wooden custom shaped pieces: 40 goblins, 65 orcs and 25 trolls!


  •  51st State Play Mat

    51st State Play Mat

    $15.00 $25.00
  • Detective Play Mat

    Detective Play Mat

    $15.00 $25.00
  • Imperial Settlers Play Mat
  • Monolith Arena Play Mat

    Monolith Arena Play Mat

    $10.00 $15.00
  • Neuroshima Hex Play Mat
  • Alien Artifacts Play Mat

    Alien Artifacts Play Mat

    $12.00 $25.00


  • Cry Havoc bundle

    Cry Havoc bundle

    $35.00 $104.00
    Cry Havoc base game and Aftermath expansion
  •  Robinson Crusoe bundle

    Robinson Crusoe bundle

    $65.00 $115.00
    Robinson Crusoe base game and Mystery Tales expansion.
  • Tides mini games bundle

    Tides mini games bundle

    $15.00 $24.00
    Tides of Time and Tides of Madness.
  • Empires of the North bundle
    Empires of the North base game and Japanese Islands expansion.

Single games

  • Alien Artifacts

    Alien Artifacts

    $20.00 $45.00
  • Alien Artifacts: Breakthrough
  • Cry Havoc

    Cry Havoc

    $25.00 $75.00
  • Cry Havoc: Aftermath

    Cry Havoc: Aftermath

    $15.00 $29.00
  • Detective


    $40.00 $50.00
  • Detective: LA Crimes

    Detective: LA Crimes

    $20.00 $30.00
  • Empires of the North: Japanese Islands
  • First Martians

    First Martians

    $20.00 $75.00
  • Imperial Settlers

    Imperial Settlers

    $35.00 $50.00
  • Empires of the North

    Empires of the North

    $45.00 $60.00
  • IS: Roll&Write

    IS: Roll&Write

    $20.00 $30.00
  • Imperial Settlers: 3 is a magic number
  • Imperial Settlers: Amazons
  • Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans
  • Imperial Settlers: We didn't start the fire
  • Imperial Settlers: Why can't we be friends
  • Legacy: Five Families

    Legacy: Five Families

    $8.00 $25.00
  • Monolith Arena

    Monolith Arena

    $35.00 $50.00
  • Monolith Arena: Academics
  • Neuroshima Hex 3.0

    Neuroshima Hex 3.0

    $32.00 $48.00
  • Robinson Crusoe

    Robinson Crusoe

    $50.00 $65.00
  • Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales
  • Tides of Madness

    Tides of Madness

    $8.00 $12.00
  • Tides of Time

    Tides of Time

    $8.00 $12.00

Portal MUGS

  • BTTS Mug - Black
  • BTTS Mug - White