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You can’t win Vietnam, you can only survive it. Lead a Marine squad, feel the burdens of command and experience the depredations of the hellish jungle as you face gut-twisting choices and unrelenting, unseen enemies. This is Purple Haze, a highly thematic Vietnam War story-creation game for up to 4 players.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
90 min
18 +




You look at the wrecked Huey, thankful you survived the crash. It got hit somewhere over the jungle. You lost the pilot. The gunner just fell out. Gone. On your way down you saw a glimpse of the other Huey. You think it got hit too, but you can’t be sure. You look around at your squad - wild-eyed Marines fresh out of boot camp - and sigh heavily. You gotta move fast. VC will be coming...

Purple Haze is an immersive story-creation game for 1 to 4 players that drops you into the heart of darkness: Vietnam, 1967.

It’s in part a story-creation game, in part a tactical combat game, and in part a campaign game. Your decisions will determine the story. Your tactics will decide the outcome of life-and-death firefights. Your men will suffer. Some won’t make it home. Those that do will get wiser, get tougher. The goal: complete the mission, get out alive.

Over the course of eight interlinked missions, you'll lead a squad of US Marines through the dense jungles, flooded rice paddies, and straw-thatched villages of 1967 war-torn South Vietnam. You’ll often have to make gut-wrenching decisions as you encounter Story Events that form the core storyline of each mission. Your choices and the consequences of your actions will create the next exciting branch of the story and may affect later parts of the larger campaign.

At the start of each mission, you'll be given a primary and secondary objective to complete. Regardless of your success or failure, you'll progress on to the next mission, but the rewards you’ll receive for completing the mission may prove to be critical for the entire campaign. Marines in your squad will develop capabilities and specializations between missions by gaining hard-won experience. This will, however, be offset by the mental and physical injuries that they’ll suffer during these missions – some persisting throughout the entire campaign and some leading to their deaths or permanent mental debilitation.

Each Marine you'll command will be unique, with his own background story and character traits, much like in a role-playing game. At different points during the mission, Marines will be called upon to perform various tasks, and fight the enemy. They'll use a variety of deadly weapons, equipment, and tactics to achieve victory – or, in some more desperate encounters – simply survive.


Refunds and cancellation

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