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Word Hustle: A Strategic Game of Crosswords by People for Goldfish LLC People for Goldfish LLC
A dice rolling, real-time crossword building, and opponent-hustling game! Strategically form words like you've never done before.

Project overview

The word-hustling world is a tough one—trying to make the best words with what you got, people swindling letters from you, and the dice sometimes forcing you to share. Can you out-hustle everyone else to build the best collection of words at the table and win?

After strategically drafting and rolling dice to earn letter tiles, players simultaneously build crossword-style word grids with their own personal supply of letters – each player trying to score the most points. There’s plenty of time to move your letters around to find high-scoring words, or is there? One player will eventually flip the timer and yell “Hustle!” leaving opponents with one minute to finish. Will it be you?!

Word Hustle