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L0-B0 75mm Miniature by Officer_Brush Officer_Brush
75mm resin model and STL

Project overview

Origin: United Rusca Front
Name: L0-B0
Classification: UR-01
Weapons: Mecharium Claws, Sonar, Mecharium teeth
Armor: Mecharium 
Weight 1K LBS

This weaponized animal was created by Ruscan scientist Demetri Malikov to use in the snows and forest of the Ruscan countryside.
As it was the first ever Mechanized Animal “Mechanimal” This was not outfitted with many weapons. Powered by a Mana core it uses its sharp fangs and claws to tear through enemy armor. This beast is also equipped with a set of tank treads on the backside of each leg for travel through rough conditions. These wolves have a pack mentality embedded in their programming.
When first deployed one unit is designated as the Alpha and Omega. The Alpha process all in progress combat data from all the pack units while the Omega calculates formations and battle plans. These two will stand in the rear of the pack in order to complete this programming. As a failsafe, if one Alpha or Omega is destroyed a pack unit will immediately be designated as the new Alpha and continue the process.
As the amount of pack units dwindles the Alpha and Omega can begin to engage in combat while continuing the analysis. This programming can have a devastating effect on enemies as the wave of intelligent mechas do not stop until the last one falls.