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NeverEnding: Bring Your Stories To Life by NeverEnding NeverEnding
NeverEnding is a web app that comes with a library of customizable art so you can bring your adventures and story ideas to life! Using NeverEnding, you can quickly and easily create characters, webcomics, or even animated videos to download or share on your personal profile.
Educators & K-12 Clubs Exclusive

Educators & K-12 Clubs Exclusive

Teachers/advisers for K – 12 school clubs, get the Character Builder, Scene Builder, Story Animator and 4 collaborator keys (allows multiple students to work simultaneously). We need to confirm your educator/adviser status if you select this pledge.

Product description

You get access for Five (5) people for the price of One (1) subscription. You receive beta access for you, so you master the tools before anyone else!

More collaborator keys are available for only $9 (they’ll be $19 normally). Want more students working at once, increase your pledge by $9 times the amount of additional collaborator keys you’ll want.

Example: pledge $153 if you want 11 people to use NeverEnding at once. That's $99 for you + 4 students + only $54 for 6 more students. You can change how many students you want every year.

You’ll also be added to a special educators’ forum to share your specific feedback and ideas.

We’ll need to confirm your educator or school club adviser status if you select this pledge.

More info

You get the Character Builder and Scene Builder FREE! Plus you'll unlock:  
  • Over 20 upgraded gif images for props like fire, stars, and spells!
  • 5 bonus background scenes and greater background customization
  • Import your pre-recorded audio or record directly on the platform.
  • When recording audio, add custom tags to note funny moments, battles, cross talk - making editing easier
  • During audio editing, layer in sound effects and/or music + easily toggle between editing audio and editing your video
  • Place or build your scene as you listen to/review audio for easier matching
  • Add pre-programed animations to your character to swing a weapon, raise your shield, run, cast a spell, viciously mock, and more!
  • Even MORE storage than the Scene Builder
  • Render your video as an animatic (or a full video once animations are added)
  • Regular feature updates and expansions
  • The ability to commission custom art from our illustration team for addition to your platform
  • The library of pre-programmed animation will be added October/November 2021. If we hit the stretch goal, we'll be able to add pre-programmed animations for fully animated videos June 2021. 
Save and download your animated video or share your amazing stories on your personal customizable profile!