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NeverEnding: Bring Your Stories To Life by NeverEnding NeverEnding
NeverEnding is a web app that comes with a library of customizable art so you can bring your adventures and story ideas to life! Using NeverEnding, you can quickly and easily create characters, webcomics, or even animated videos to download or share on your personal profile.
Scene Builder (Standard): Adventurer Pledge

Scene Builder (Standard): Adventurer Pledge

Get access to the Character Builder and Scene Builder for 12 months at a BIG savings!

Product description

Players and Dungeon Masters! Imagine creating full party portraits or reproducing the end scene of your players’ finally defeating the Big Bad Evil Guy/Girl! Or turn your whole adventure into an amazing shareable comic strip.

Writers, take your short story or character ideas and create fantastic images to capture important story moments.

Get access to the Character Builder and Scene Builder for 12 months at a BIG savings! Includes All Applicable Stretch Goals.

PLUS you lock-In this price for your subscription renewal. You won't pay more.

More info

You get the Character Builder FREE! Plus you'll unlock: 
  • 6 different selectable backgrounds currently with more on the way (customize the colors once we hit the stretch goal).
  • Over 120 props you can place to create your perfect the scene
  • 14 magical effects – like Fireball and Magic Hand
  • 50+ creatures in multiple poses (for over 130 creature variations)
  • Awesome "Word Art" sound effects and editable speech bubbles
  • Easily point-click-and pose while in-scene to quickly adjust your scene
  • Duplicate a scene or start from scratch
  • Easily upload your personal art assets into your easy-to-sort library
  • More storage space than the Character Builder alone
  • FREE monthly additions of backgrounds and props
  • Kickstarter exclusive options, including Pirate ship backgrounds and additional magical and environmental effects!
Save and download your scenes as single images, a storyboard series, or cool comic strips to share!