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Heist: Masterminds by Nerdhaus Games Nerdhaus Games
Your rivals issued a challenge: Who among you is the biggest name in international thievery? Gather your crew, stake out your jobs, and get the goods before the authorities catch up with you in this fast-paced card game for 2 to 6 international masterminds.

Project story

2 - 6
Play time
120 min
13 +
two player
Your rivals issued a challenge: who among you is the biggest name in international thievery? You have to gather a crew, get moving, and make a name for yourself. Keep in mind: “Honor among thieves” is really more of a suggestion.

In this fast-paced card game from Nerdhaus Games, players live out their heist movie fantasies. Colorful characters meet improbable complications on the way to glory and riches (or serious jail time). On your turn, you'll decide to gather resources, do some legwork on a potential job, or brave the risks and claim one of these rare treasures for yourself! Roll up your sleeves, unfurl those blueprints, and plan the crime of the century on your way to being crowned the one true Mastermind.

Your target options are always shifting due to your rivals' actions and the passage of time in-game, so be ready for anything when your turn comes around. It might just be worth some extra attention from the authorities if it means landing that job right before your window of opportunity closes.

Everything you need to experience your own thrilling heist comes in the box:
  • 8 Masterminds with unique abilities and skills
  • 81 Resource cards, including crew members, mercenaries with special maneuvers, gear, prestige, and special event cards to shake things up
  • 34 Job cards, each with its own difficulties and sweet, sweet rewards
  • 36 Complications to keep you on your toes for even the simplest of Jobs
  • 64 tokens for tracking Prestige, Time, and Heat
  • a 12-page rulebook with examples and FAQ built-in, with a quick reference on the back

The team behind Nerdhaus Games reflects decades of experience in writing and running games, covering a broad range and deep love of board, social deduction, and roleplaying games. The design philosophy that guides most choices in our mechanical construction boils down to "Games are more fun when you're playing them." The seemingly simple idea addresses a lot of what makes Heist: Masterminds tick:
  • The game starts on Turn 1. The Resource deck is tuned to give you playable cards for your first actions, and the rare bum starting hand can get re-drawn. While other games make you collect cards or take three or four turns before you start down the path to victory, you can hit the ground running with your new crew right out of the gate.
  • No one loses their turn. Even if your entire crew is in jail, you can still take actions. No other player can take your turn from you. Even the rubber-banding mechanics that keep the game competitive are designed to complicate the currently-winning player's choices, not eliminate them.
  • Setup is easy, cleanup is a snap, and replayability is paramount. This isn't a game you spend all night sorting cubes or shuffling decks, and the mix of Jobs, Complications, and player-driven Events means you can't play the same game of Heist: Masterminds twice. The two-player head-to-head game handles differently than a six-player free-for-all, but Heist easily fits in your game night no matter the size.
Plus, the world of Heist: Masterminds doesn't end with this release! We're planning some fun community-oriented stretch goals to reveal the planned expansions for the game that spill over the bounds of the initial genre and push into exciting new territory. That's how these stories work: It always starts with one simple job, but we all know it never ends that way.

There's always the chance that a plan goes wrong; that's why we plan in the first place. To that end, I'm addressing the following concerns:
  • How finished is this game? Heist: Masterminds has been in development for a couple of years, with the current version receiving over a dozen blind playtests with groups of volunteer playtesters that span a wide range of ages and experience levels. The game is ready, we've played the prototypes, we just need your help to make the final version a reality.
  • What if there are production delays? Making and shipping anything is complicated at the best of times, and the last few years haven't made it easier. I'm working with trusted manufacturers with a proven track record to make our game. We're sorted on storage, domestic distribution, and international shipping. Our plan includes extra time and money to address worst-case scenarios. If anything changes, you'll be the first to know.

If this game doesn't sound right for your table or you can't afford a copy right now, then there's still ways you can help out:
  • Start a conversation about Heist: Masterminds in whatever avenue is right for you. Nerdhaus Games has a presence on a variety of social media, so feel free to tag us in if you're so inclined!
  • There are some share buttons right along the side to make it easy to point folks at this campaign.
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