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Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1.5 by Mythic Games
The legendary game is back! Relive the golden age of chivalry in this 2-4 player scenario-based board game of medieval battle and myth.
Gamefound notice: "Late pledge" is unavailable due to this project being under intellectual property dispute. Kickstarter backers can complete their orders normally.
This project only accepts orders from backers at this time.

Project overview

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc plunges you into the heart of the Hundred Years' War. In this dark, medieval universe, you can help kings plot for the throne of France, crusade with the Teutonic Order against the Pagans or investigate strange devilish rumors. Enjoy these legendary experiences through this immersive, narrative and tactical board game!

Welcome to the pledge manager and late pledge for Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1.5. If you are a backer of the Kickstarter campaign, then this is where you will finalise your pledge, provide your mailing address, and pay for shipping. You can select any number of add-ons and additional pledges as well. If this exceeds the amount you pledged on Kickstarter then you can pay the difference here on the pledge manager.

This is also your last chance as a late pledger to support this incredible and unique project, the most successful boardgame featuring 15mm miniatures ever sold on Kickstarter. This Late Pledge of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1.5 will get you all the benefits of a Kickstarter supporter FOR FREE. You will have access to the same pledge levels and add-ons as Kickstarter backers. You can check out the Kickstarter page here, where you can find playthrough videos and our weekly updates.

This pledge manager/late pledge introduces 3 new add-ons based on requests we received during the Kickstarter campaign. There are the Oversized Expansions Tiles Kit, the 1.5 Upgrade Pack and the Teutonic Sleeves Pack (note that these sleeves are offered in the 1.5 Complete Pack pledge).

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR RETURNING BACKERS: If you are a returning backer and spent $20 during the Kickstarter campaign, then you have been automatically credited with an extra $35 to buy the 1.5 Upgrade Pack. This Upgrade Pack has been added to your cart. You cannot remove it from your cart and you cannot be refunded for this $35 credit.

If you have questions, please send us an email at support@mythicgames.net

The estimated shipping date for the game is October 2020.

Pledge Levels

  • Teutonic pledge
    New Teutonic Knights expansion for Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, choose this pledge if you also want the new unlocked 1.5 stretch goals.
  • 1.5 Complete Pack pledge
    One of all new 1.5 items, includes the Teutonic Knights box, all the unlocked 1.5 Stretch Goals and the Deluxe Storage Box.
  • Core pledge

    Core pledge

    Choose this pledge if you are new to our range and want to begin to play. The Core set (Core box + Reliquary box) is needed to be able to play with the expansions.
  • Legendary 1.5 pledge
    The all-in! One item of everything in the range.

Boxes and Add-ons

  • Core Box + Reliquary Box
    The Core box of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc + Reliquary Box (all the Stretch Goals from the first campaign). 389 miniatures total, 38 plastic terrain pieces.
  • Teutonic Knights Expansion
    This new expansion expands the Time of Legends universe, steeping you into the history and mythology of pagan Eastern Europe and the Grand Order of Teutonic Knights.
  • Legendary Dragon Expansion
    A half metre (20 inch) wingspan Dragon + Archangel Saint Michael + minis + 3 scenarios.
  • Siege Expansion
    A key expansion that gives you the walls, keep, gatehouse and towers to assemble a big variety of castles and a whole array of siege engines. Includes 3 scenarios.
  • Apocalypse Expansion
    Fight on against the apocalyptic monstrosities that have been unleashed in the End Times. Or fight alongside the demons and fell beasts that pour from Hell into the mortal world...
  • Legendary Battles Expansion
    You want to fight even bigger battles? Well now you can. Includes extra dashboards, bases, cubes and other game components for up to 6 players. Plus 3 scenarios.
  • Village Pack Expansion
    This pack gives you everything you need to give your battlefield a real flavour of rural France in the Middle Ages. 2 scenarios included.
  • Unleash Hell

    Unleash Hell

    An 8 inches tall Devil miniature that comes with extra gigantic dice, extra terrain pieces, tiles, two scenarios (one of them being solo/coop) and a few more smaller demons.
  • Ars Nova Expansion
    This expansion brings you into the quiet cloisters of the Abbey at Avignon. The refined debate about which music is allowed in the church has spilled over into theft and murder.
  • Siege Equipment Expansion
    This expansion includes many more of the siege engine from the larger Siege expansion, as well as the unit cards for rather scary new troop types.
  • Ottoman Army Expansion
    Expand your Eastern armies and lead them to glory! Powerful new heroes command ranks of reinforcements, including elegant new artillery.
  • Roleplaying Game
    Set in the universe of the board game, Joan of Arc RPG is a role-playing game that immerses you in legendary adventures at the heart of a realistic Medieval Europe.


    1 customized set of RPG dice for Joan of Arc RPG.
  • "On the field!" RPG Expansion
    On the Field! Of gracious Ladies and valiant Knights is a new RPG expansion that revolves around one of medieval times' main caste, the nobility. Includes 5 scenarios.
  • Compendium Expansion Book
    The Compendium contains background, stories, painting guide and art for the game. Includes 4 new scenarios that combine to form a campaign featuring Joan of Arc herself.
  • Cravant Expansion
    This 2 to 4 player scenario pack showcases the boldest of the French allies: the hard-fighting Scots. Includes new unit and character cards.
  • Scenario Collection Book
    The ultimate hardcover scenario book! Includes all revised scenarios from the first campaign + Teutonic Knights scenarios + new Stretch Goals scenarios. 44+ scenarios total.
  • 1.5 Upgrade Pack
    Everything you need to upgrade your first Joan of Arc game. Scenario collection book including all revised scenarios from the first campaign + 1.5 rulebook + 1.5 revised unit cards.
  • Teutonic Sleeve Kit
    Enough sleeves for all the cards from the Teutonic Knights expansion and 1.5 Stretch Goals.
  • Deluxe Storage Box
    This new Deluxe Storage Box is packed with Gametrayz that have been carefully designed to hold all your cards, tokens, tiles, cubes and dice from the whole JoA range.
  • Neoprene Playmat
    A stitched neoprene playmat (60 x 100 cm) to play small and medium sized scenarios and battles. Will fit most but not all of your scenarios (especially the big ones).
  • Plunder Kit Complete
    Customise your Joan of Arc gaming experience with this kit including activation banners (instead of cubes), more combat dice, more bases and a Dice Tower.
  • Plunder Dice

    Plunder Dice

    A set of 12 combat Dice, 3 of each colour (Back, White, Red and Yellow).
  • Plunder Bases

    Plunder Bases

    A set of 54 new bases for your miniatures, 9 "2-slot" bases and 45 "3-slot" bases.
  • Plunder Banners
    A set of 56 customised activation banners that replace the activation cubes (20 command banners, 12 Interrupt banners, 12 Charge banners and 12 Reactivation banners).
  • Plunder Dice Tower
    A card board customized Joan of Arc Dice Tower.
  • Core Pledge Sleeve Kit
    Enough sleeves for all the cards from the Core Box and Reliquary Box.
  • Legendary 1.5 Sleeve Kit
    Enough sleeves for all the cards from the whole Time of Legends: Joan of Arc range: core box, reliquary box and all the expansions including the new 1.5 Teutonic Knights.
  • Base Ring Kit

    Base Ring Kit

    A new set of 72 coloured base rings in 6 colours (Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green).
  • Oversized Core Tiles Kit
    Bigger tiles for a bigger game experience! These oversized tiles reproduce all the hexes from the Time of Legends: Joan of Arc core box but 25% bigger.
  • Oversized Expansions Tiles Kit
    Oversized 25% bigger hex tiles for the following Joan of Arc expansions: Apocalypse, Unleash Hell, Legendary Battles, Village Pack, Legendary Dragon.
  • Teutonic 1.5 SG Bases
    A set of 29 new bases for your miniatures, 17 "2-slot" bases and 12 "3-slot" bases. Ideal to base your 1.5 Stretch Goals minis.
  • Oversized Teutonic Tiles Kit
    Oversized 25% bigger hex tiles from the Teutonic Knights expansion.

Reinforcement Boxes

Boxes of highly detailed plastic miniatures only.
  • Reinforcement Box #1
    1 Tarasque, 1 Archangel Gabriel, 1 Unicorn, 4 Angels, 2 Bullock Wagons. 9 miniatures total
  • Reinforcement Box #2
    2 small Farmhouses, 1 Big Farmhouse, 1 Church. 3 Terrain pieces total
  • Reinforcement Box #3
    1 Beast. 1 Gigantic Creature miniature
  • Reinforcement Box #4
    1 Griffin, 1 Mehmed II and his Ifrit, 1 Cockatrix, plus Demons, Holy units, Ottoman units, peasants, knights. 151 miniatures total plus their bases
  • Reinforcement Box #5
    16 Mounted Sergeants at Arms, 30 Pikemen, 12 Halberdiers, 12 Sergeants at Arms, 18 Bowmen, 12 Crossbowmen, 18 Foot Knights, 12 Peasants… plus their bases
  • Reinforcement Box #6
    8 Mounted Knights total and their bases
  • Reinforcement Box #7
    10 trees, 6 Bushes, 8 Tents. 24 terrain pieces total
  • Reinforcement Box #8
    6 Rocky Outcrop alt shape, 6 Small Walls, 3 Campfires, 3 Cottages, 1 Big Farmhouse, 1 Stone Bridge, 2 Wooden Bridges, 5 Ruins. 27 terrain pieces total
  • Reinforcement Box #9
    1 Watermill terrain piece
  • Reinforcement Box #10
    1 Siege Tower terrain piece
  • Reinforcement Box #11
    6 palisades terrain pieces


  • Majestic Bundle

    Majestic Bundle

    This Bundle includes all gameplay expansions from the first Kickstarter: Legendary Dragon, Unleash Hell, Legendary Battles, Ars Nova, Siege, Village Pack, Apocalypse.
  • Mythic Bundle

    Mythic Bundle

    This Bundle focuses on the creatures and mysteries of magic, legend, and fable from the first Kickstarter: Legendary Dragon, Unleash Hell, Village Pack and Apocalypse.
  • Heroic Bundle

    Heroic Bundle

    The key content for the historical battles from the Hundred Years' War is included in this Bundle: Siege, Legendary Battles and Village Pack.