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Rise of the Necromancers by Mythic Games Mythic Games
Choose your Necromancer, recruit your Apprentice, and venture forth! Raise eternal armies, conquer cities and levy taxes paid in corpses, explore dungeons and claim the title of Headmaster of four great Necromantic Academies. The first player place their last Dominion counter wins!

Project story

1 - 5
Play time
90 min
14 +
area control
Rise of the Necromancers is our second game in the Phoenix Line! We are proud to collaborate with Sore Loser Games on this co-publication.

Be foul, be evil – the Necromancer King throne and crown await!

Rise of the Necromancers


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)



Access the English work in progress rulebook by clicking on this link.
Veuillez cliquer sur ce lien pour accéder au livret de règles en français (en cours de finalisation).

Dawn & Demons

Want to read the work in progress rulebook for this expansion? Click here!

Undead Sea

Want to read the work in progress rulebook for this expansion? Click here!

Why back now?

Add-on: The Foul & The Wicked


Painted Miniatures


In addition to a few videos from reviewers, we have shot two playthroughs of Undead Sea, one in French and one in English!



FR: Nous avons tourné une partie de Dawn & Demons !

Risks and challenges

We have more than a dozen crowdfunding campaigns under our belt, and have accumulated a vast knowledge of the field. Producing thousands of products and coordinating their delivery to homes across the planet is a complex business, and there are many things which could go wrong. This is why we build in as much time for the unforeseen as possible. We want to ensure that we have the space to deal with any unexpected setbacks and still get your game to you before the estimated delivery date.

To give you a frame of reference for exactly when you will get your game, Mythic Battles: Pantheon, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1 and 1.5, Reichbusters: Projekt Vril, Super Fantasy Brawl, Enchanters: East Quest, Steamwatchers and Solomon Kane Wave 1 have been delivered. Super Fantasy Brawl: Round 2 and Solomon Kane Wave 2 are delivering right now, or are in transit. HEL: The Last Saga is a massive game that will be delivered within 2022. 6: Siege – The Board Game and Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game is going into production very soon. For all our games, we communicate with our backers with regular updates on Kickstarter and on Gamefound.

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Discord, and our website www.mythicgames.net. Learn about our news and project updates through our weekly Newscast every Tuesday and ask all your questions in our Q&A with Leo on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch every Wednesday evening. Please note that the components, component counts, quality, and rules, are all a work in progress and subject to change.

Refunds and cancellation

We have a no-questions-asked refund policy. All pledges can be refunded in full up to 14 days after the end of the Gamefound campaign. In addition, if any part of your order cannot be delivered, then we will reimburse you the full cost of this component regardless of the date.
If you apply for a refund more than 14 days after the end of the Gamefound campaign, we will only be able to refund 85% of it. The difference is the amount of the unrecoverable fees paid to process your order. Once we have started to process and pack your order, refunds will no longer be available.

Refunds within the first 14 days are returned via Stripe to the credit card you used to pledge originally. Any refunds requested after the 14-day period may be processed via PayPal or returned via Stripe or your credit card.
This project is being funded in USD and any refunds processed will also be in USD. If these terms are not acceptable to you, then we suggest that you do not participate in this crowdfunding campaign. Thank you for your understanding.


By pledging to this project, you acknowledge that the final look, materials, and content of the rewards (and the project) are subject to change and may differ substantially from what is presented in this Gamefound project. If you do not finalize your pledge and pay for shipping by the closing date of the Pledge Manager, you agree that we have fulfilled our obligations to you in full for payment or donations received. However, we may, at our discretion, refund or ship your pledge if you contact us and confirm your pledge after the Pledge Manager has closed.

If you confirm your pledge by the closing date of the Pledge Manager, you agree that our responsibility to you is to ship your order as entered into our Pledge Manager system, that title and risk passes to you upon delivery to a common carrier for such shipment, and that outside of countries specifically listed as being “friendly” (above) you are responsible for import duties or any other duties that may be payable to the relevant tax authorities, providing correct address information and ensuring this address is deliverable by normal methods. We regret we are unable to ship to PO Boxes or APO addresses.

You will find a table of the estimated costs of shipping below. Please note that these are only an estimate, and that we only charge what we are charged. More often than not, we end up paying more than what was charged for shipping, and we do not ask that of our backers.


We will be charging VAT during our Pledge Manager. VAT will be calculated on the Pledge Manager for countries that are part of the European Union or the UK. VAT varies between 17% and 27% of the total order and shipping costs depending on the country.


Our experience in our previous crowdfunding campaigns has shown us that there can be variances in terms of timing and staying on schedule when it comes to anything produced in China, such as: production delays, shipping delays and customs delays.

At the same time there are also the unpredictable factors; recently it was the Coronavirus outbreak and the worldwide shipping problem, but there can be others such as weather conditions, strikes and others. The estimated delivery date for this project is September 2022, but please bear in mind this is only an estimate. Also, due to the logistics of international shipping, backers in different regions of the world may receive their rewards sooner than others. We will keep you updated with up-to-date information on the updates section.