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HEL: The Last Saga by Mythic Games
Survive, explore, fight and solve the mysteries of a hostile island in this narrative 1-4 player viking survival horror board game.
Weathering Paintjob Option

Weathering Paintjob Option

Paint your miniatures with this technique to make their details pop up.

Product description

This method of painting uses several different techniques and in specific, a dry directional spray paint and wash. They are then cleaned when they are still humid, to create this effect.

With this add-on the following miniatures will come painted:
  • 111 core minis (including SG alt sculpts)
  • 11 survivors
  • 18 buildings
  • spawn tokens (bones)
  • deer tokens
  • 6 familiars
  • Leo being kidnapped special SG

Please note that the token conversions to plastic tokens will NOT come painted with this technique.