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HEL: The Last Saga by Mythic Games
Survive, explore, fight and solve the mysteries of a hostile island in this narrative 1-4 player viking survival horror board game.
From HEL: The Making Of

From HEL: The Making Of

A luxurious 130 pages artbook, with the story of how HEL was made.

Product description

From HEL: The Making of, is a 130 pages, high quality hardbound italian format book, where you can discover the "behind the scenes" of the creation of HEL: The Last Saga.

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In this high quality hardbound Italian format book, you will find much more than the art of the game. This is a full “behind the scenes” book, a « making of » that explains everything, from its conception to how it evolved, all in chronological order. You will find lots of art of course, from Christophe Madura’s concept art, to the exquisite final illustrations by Tatyana Kupriyanova, Georges Cl4renko, Juliette Pompanon and David Demaret.

This rich artbook will include miniatures, dioramas and original unpublished material. Sketches that didn’t make it to the final product. Preparatory sketches, initial layouts of cards and dashboards. The full history of HEL:The Last Saga will unravel in roughly 130 pages, all with the personal commentary of Art Director Christophe Madura.

This is a unique book, a jewel not only for those who love the art of HEL: The Last Saga, but also for collectors who want to have something special on their shelves, something to consult regularly, something that will plunge them deeper into this universe. The Artbook will be available in English and French.