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HEL: The Last Saga by Mythic Games Mythic Games
Survive, explore, fight and solve the mysteries of a hostile island in this narrative 1-4 player viking survival horror board game.
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Project overview

Welcome to the Pledge Manager and Late Pledge for HEL: The Last Saga!

HEL: The Last Saga is a cooperative fantasy narrative driven adventure for 1-4 players. Lead the 13 heroes of "those who were Peregrines" clan and help them survive the horrors that lie in their journey, through a narrative experience that will haunt your dreams..


If you are a backer of the Kickstarter campaign, then this is where you will finalise your pledge, provide your mailing address, and pay for shipping. In your cart you will find credits, equal to the amount that you paid during the KS campaign. Here you will have to select the pledge that you want, which can be the same or different than the one you chose on KS. You can also select any number of add-ons and additional pledges. If the total cost of items in your cart exceeds the amount you pledged on Kickstarter (the credits that you see imported here), then you can pay the difference here on the pledge manager when you check out.

Welcome to the Late Pledge of HEL: The Last Saga and thank you for considering to support this amazing and immersive narrative driven horror-survival tabletop game!

Why support HEL: The Last Saga?

  • The game is KS exclusive and WILL NOT be available in retail.
  • With all the Stretch Goals that have been unlocked, the MSRP of the game is around $250 and you can get it with almost 50% off!
  • Access the same pledge levels and add-ons as the KS campaign, at the same price and even more new ones.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1162110258/hel-the-last-saga, where you can find playthrough videos and our weekly updates.


This Pledge Manager/ Late Pledge introduces five new add-ons, the Sleeve pack which is a set of enough sleeves to protect all cards of the game, a "Weathering Paintjob" option, which is a painting technique for miniatures to give emphasis to their details, a faux leather dice bag for the dice of the game, the threat tokens pack and lastly the Premium Box trays, which is the storage solution for the game . If you have backed the All-In pledge during the KS, and you want to get all the new add-ons, you can just choose the PM Add-ons Bundle.


Please note that the information which was displayed during the KS campaign were shipping estimates, as the pricing was not finalised with our hubs. Shipping was NOT charged during the KS campaign, this is why when you checked out, it appeared as 0. You will have to pay for the shipping charges here, based on your delivery address. We have tried our best to provide the best possible quotes and we are utilising multiple hubs for fulfilment.

Shipping in the EU, UK, USA, Canada and Australia is friendly, meaning you will not have to pay for customs when you receive the game. For the rest of the countries, you could be asked to pay for customs fees, depending on your country's policy.

The estimated shipping date for the game is June 2021. However, there are factors that we do not have any control over, such as the Covid-19 pandemic that we encountered, that we cannot predict and could affect the delivery date. For any information with regards to shipping, as well as overall news on the work that is being done on the game, we are giving weekly updates every Wednesday on our Kickstarter. Make sure to check the updates section, as you will not receive an email if you are a Late Pledger.
If you have questions, please send us an email at support@mythicgames.net

* As KSE, or Kickstarter Exclusives, are marked the products that will not be available to retail. HEL: The Last Saga is ALL a KSE project. Mythic Games retains the right to continue to sell those in the Pledge Manager, the Mythic Games website, as well as conventions. By pledging here you agree to the Risks and Challenges that were described in the KS page.


New Addons