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Mission to Planet Hexx! 2.0 - Kickstarter Edition by Move Rate 20 Games
A Retro-Style Space Adventure Board-and-Card Game in One for 2-4 Players ages 10 & up!

Project overview

Mission to Planet Hexx is a light to mid-range game in which players build a unique map of space/planets and race against opponents to complete their missions. It's the perfect gateway game for your new gamer friends or as your "in between" game, for when you need a break from longer, more hardcore sessions.

Using a deck of 120 Hex shaped cards, players cooperatively build a unique board of space and planets every game, then roll a die to travel around the galaxy, collecting Data, the resource of the game, in order to "pay" to upload different types of cards to their Mission File. The first player to complete his/her Mission File wins the game.

With elements of take that and the literal discovery of your shared universe one planet at a time, the game simulates your adventure as a newly minted space cadet.

On Kickstarter:

Retailers: Contact us at funchomclala@hotmail.com for information on bulk orders..


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