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Backwoods by Most High Design Most High Design
Backwoods is a fully cooperative (soloable) survival game for 1-4 players. Features: dynamic story events, character progression, and high player interaction.

Project overview

Disaster struck the expedition, yet you made it out of the rapids to shore. Others weren't as fortunate. Now, those of you that remain must carry on the mission: complete two objectives and make it to the fort. The only thing standing in your way is the cursed forest completely surrounding you.
7x10x2.5 inch box. Quarter for scale.

Delxe edition replaces the standard character mats with a 6x9" dual-layer board, upgrades to linen finish, and replaces 44 marker tokens with wooden cubes. It also comes with a premium 6x8.5" art print. 

Will you be an powerful athlete? A nimble scout? Perhaps a resilient survivor.  The choice is yours.
Outfit your Pioneer with a special trait that will give you a distinct edge in surviving. With 15 Traits to choose from, there are plenty of options. When you combine that with the Abilities you choose, Melee or Ranged role, and which Pioneer you play as, you'll never be the same Character twice.
Four equally powerful abilities, but limited points to invest. The decisions in the Backwoods are always tough. But you're tougher. Choose your strengths and put your skills to the test. The only way out is through.
These actions may be taken during the Explore phase:
Scout: Pioneers with the Scout skill may reveal regions from the Region deck and place them down nearby the party's current location.
Move: You may choose to stay put or go to regions revealed by scouting. You may also "go in blind" in a different direction by drawing a card and immediately traveling there.
These actions may be taken during the Forage phase:
Foraging is critical if you are to be equipped to face the adversity that awaits you. Use Opportunity to add to the Forest bag to better your odds of drawing what you need and hope you don't draw mosquitoes or wasps.
Trapping: You may also lay traps to catch small game during this phase
Increase Faith: You may use Opportunity to unlock powerful miracles and fend off the spiritual darkness lurking in the wilds.

Crafting: Use resources you gained while foraging to craft a plethora of items- from a simple campfire to a lethal log trap.Healing: Roll the die and add your Survival rank to see if you can treat your partner's festering wounds.
Pioneers encounter new and mysterious Events in each new region they explore. These events describe the situation you encounter and most give you two choices to make. After the party agrees on a decision, flip the Event card over to see the result.
Certain Events will lead to battles, though some Events are centered around things like natural disasters. When a battle does occur, fetch the creature card demanded by the Event. Then, these steps take place during the Battle:

When night descends upon you, who knows what lingers in the darkness. One thing's for sure- you're going to find out.

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