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Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles by Mindclash Games Mindclash Games
Discover a living dinosaur world in two standalone, thematic strategy games, also playable as a campaign with evolving game mechanisms.
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Project overview

Caught in an otherworldly storm, the luxury ocean liner you were traveling on ran aground on a mysterious dinosaur island, losing all contact with the world you knew. It now falls upon you and your rival aspiring leaders to forge the ragged, disorganized survivors into a functioning society and brave the dangers of the island.

Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles consists of Episodes 1 and 2, two standalone competitive strategy games for 1-4 players, from the designers of Anachrony, Trickerion, and Yedo. Both games are playable on their own, or can be combined to experience a highly replayable Chronicle mode with overarching mechanics and no legacy elements.

Visit our Kickstarter page for more information on Perseverance : Castaway Chronicles: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mindclash/perseverance-castaway-chronicles/description

Perseverance Late Pledges

All pledges are estimated to ship 2021 Q4.
If your first language isn't English, consider adding the French, German or Spanish Language Pack (available under Add-ons).


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