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Cerebria - The Card Game

Cerebria - The Card Game

Cerebria – The Card Game is a fast-playing set collection stand-alone game for 2-5 players in the world of Cerebria, spiced up with various card effects for lots of player interaction.

Product description

Players strive to build Emotion combinations in their Mindset, protect them from others and score them during Revelations, which rewards Bliss and Gloom Identity fragments. Players can win by collecting 12 of a single Fragment type, or 7 of both types.

Cerebria – The Card Game features 96 Emotion cards, 80 Identity Fragments, a Mood Marker metal coin and a special, magnetic box. It is a great way to introduce new players to the world of Cerebria, as it complements the main game's theme and presents some of its mechanisms in a simpler form.

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