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Lawyer Up by Rock Manor Games Rock Manor Games
An asymmetrical card game for 2 players where one player is the noble prosecution and the other the steadfast defense

Project overview

Meticulously designed and developed by Samuel W. Bailey (Forbidden Stars, Talisman: Cataclysm) and Mike Gnade (Maximum Apocalypse, the Few and Cursed) over the last 4 years, Lawyer Up is an asymmetrical two-player courtroom drama card game where one player is the noble prosecution and the other the steadfast defense. Each game begins with the Discovery phase, where players draft vital evidence to support their case and bury evidence that might help their opponent. Next comes the Trial phase, where players call witnesses and play powerful arguments along with the evidence they drafted into their examination pools. To form a coherent line of questioning, players will need to chain together their cards by matching bias symbols. The player who can best examine the Witness by generating the most influence will spend the difference to sway the Jury to their side. Every game is different, but the lawyer with the best case and most convincing arguments will be sure to get the verdict they are after!

Late Pledge

  • Associate (Gamefound)
    Includes a copy of the core Lawyer Up set, including all unlocked stretch goals.
  • Senior Partner (Gamefound)
    Includes the Lawyer Up (core set) plus all stretch goals along with the Godfather trial and Witch trial expansions.


  • Extra Core Sets
    The core set of the game. Includes the Murder and Art Forgery cases.
  • Lawyer Up: Godfather
    The Godfather Racketeering case expansion
  • Lawyer Up: Witch Trial
    The Witch Trial case expansion
  • Expansion Bundle

    Expansion Bundle

    $20.00 $30.00
    The Godfather Racketeering and Witch Trial expansions bundled together.
  • Modern Play Mat
    24x14 inch Play Mat
  • 1920s Play Mat
    24x14 inch Play Mat
  • Play Mat Bundle
    Grab both mats and save some cash.