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Blaseball: The Card Game by Wayfinder Games
The cultural phenomenon that is Blaseball, finally under your complete control. Coach your team to victory in the ultimate clash on the diamond!

Project story

Play time
60 min
15 +
video game theme
two player
For eight innings, the two teams have matched each other ball for ball. Incredible plays, stunning hits, near home runs plucked from the sky before they can sail over the boundary wall. It's the top of the ninth, and the coaches of these rival teams will do anything to claim victory in these final moments of the game of the year...

Correction: YOU will do anything you can. Because this is Blaseball: The Card Game, and you're in charge! You decide who's stepping up to pitch, who's batting first, and when to fire special abilities as your players round the bases. If you're smart - and a little bit lucky - you can pull ahead and steal the win!

(OK, maybe there is a little more than that... but not much, we promise!)

It's a card driven, dice rolling, super power triggering battle for only one thing – total Blaseball glory. You don't need to know anything about Blaseball (or even regular baseball) to enjoy the game. With a streamlined set of rules, all you need to know is play cards, roll dice, score runs. That's it!

In July of 2020, the absurdist online sports simulator Blaseball launched and quickly took the internet by storm with its unique combination of minimalist baseball(ish) information, horror-based mechanics, and intensely creative fanbase. Designed by North American design studio The Game Band, this was no flash in the pan. Playing out a season of 100+ games over the course of a week – one on the hour, every hour, followed by a thrilling series of playoff games – the virtual teams would pitch and bat through rain, wind, hail, storms of angry birds, reverb attacks and more. Champions rose. Players became heroes... and villains. Stories were written, songs composed, history documented. And as you'd expect, the fans wanted more.

Blaseball: The Card Game was designed by Rain Watt and Michael Fox, and sees two players face off against each other in a pitch battle for Blaseball glory. One coach takes control of some of the finest players in the game, the Auric All-Stars – heavy hitters, fan favourites, almost unbeatable. On the other side stand the Canis Underdogs, a motley crew of heels and reprobates who will do anything to win... but who will claim victory?

Richmond Harrison gets ready to take a pitch from the ever reliable Pitching Machine

So, how does Blaseball: The Card Game work?

A Coach's deck is made up of 24 cards – 14 Players and 10 Specials. At the beginning of a turn, Players are chosen and placed face down in the Pitching, Batting and Outfield areas of the board. Coaches also have the option to place Special cards in position which can be triggered at opportune moments to bend or break the rules in their favour. With all cards revealed, the Pitching Coach rolls dice and adds the Pitcher's modifier to the total. The Batting Player must roll over that total to run the bases, and should they choose to do so, the Outfield Player can attempt a catch, achieved only by rolling even higher. So far, so simple, but with countless ways to manipulate dice, force rerolls and generally buff your own totals (or screw with your opponent) nothing in Blaseball: The Card Game is guaranteed.

Scratch Deleuze gets a hit against Sexton Wheeler! Can they get Comfort Glover home and score a run?

Three Strikes and a Player is Out. Three Outs and that's the end of the Batting side's inning. A quick turnaround as the Coaches switch sides, then it becomes a run chase in the bottom of the ninth. If the new Batting Coach outscores the first, victory is immediate. In the rare case of a tied game, the glory is shared alongside the warmth of knowing you and your opponent were perfect, opposite sides of the same (forbidden) coin. Why not play again sometime?

Standard games using the two premade decks take around an hour to complete. Blaseball: The Card Game also comes with deckbuilding and drafting rules, allowing players to create their dream teams from day one. Of course, it would help if there were more cards available outside of the original All-Stars and Underdogs decks, so we're pleased to announce that all backers of this campaign will receive two specially made Booster Packs for free.

These Booster Packs will add Players from all the teams you know and love from the Discipline Era of Blaseball, as well as (stretch goals allowing) a selection of Special cards that will let you twist the game to your will. Please note that these are NOT randomised boosters – everyone will receive the exact same cards in their packs. Also, these boosters WILL be available to the public after this campaign concludes, but backers will get them included in their package for free. We really wanted to give folks the fun of cracking open packs and pulling cool cards, just without the predatory practices or mythic rare chasing you might find in other games...

What the Players Say - and how YOU can play Now!

We've been testing Blaseball: The Card Game incessantly for months, working alongside our incredible Discord packed with everyone from hardcore Blaseball fans to card game first-timers. All are welcome to come join, and you'll get access to our online test environment too, so you can play the game right now! With our testers' assistance, we have refined and pushed B:TCG to the limits. We genuinely believe that this game is worthy of being a part of the extended Blaseball universe, but don't take Wayfinder's word for it... Here are some direct quotes from some of the fine folks who have played Blaseball: The Card Game already!


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)


An Array of Amazing Artists

Speaking of fantastic cards, we've been working with some truly talented artists to bring the Blaseball names you know and love to life. Check out their bios below (yes, we asked them to write their own), alongside examples of what they've brought to the party!
  • Summonfish is a science fiction enthusiast and illustrator, currently writing comics about planet hopping bounty hunters and starships. They routinely harvest and ingest turgid growths off the back of a fungus creature in their basement, which isn't a sin necessarily but might explain why they're like that. Find them here.
  • Emily L'Orange is based in Colorado, USA. When she was eight, she was determined to grow up to be a lion. This did not pan out, and she is instead in her backup career of digital illustrator. Her favourite genre to work in is fantasy, and she plays a lot of Hades and WoW, strictly for research purposes. Perceive her work here!
  • Waalkr is an Illustrator and art teacher from Brazil. They specialise in storyboarding and concept art, and in the world of Blaseball are a Chicago Firefighters fan. Their work and portfolio is available here and you can use @waalkr to find them across all social media.
  • Felix (he/they) is a cool guy (and a freelance illustrator) who loves drawing, wearing big shoes, and collecting weird looking Pikachu merchandise. He has an extensive repertoire of concept work, character art, and placing sparkles literally everywhere in every piece. Check their stuff out here!
  • Julio (they/them) is an illustrator and animator best known for rigging snail races in their favour and never getting caught. They are currently working as lead artist on several secret video game productions, and every moment you’re not running, they’re getting closer. Find them online here.
  • Juan Gee is a Singaporean Chinese illustrator and university student. Fuelled by buttered toast and spite, JG draws cool knight ladies, robots, monsters and everything in between - bonus points if it's a brooding character who's too cool for you. Find said brooding content here!
  • Ivan is a Digital Artist Freelancer aspiring to become a concept artist / storyboard artist. Feel free to support them right here.
  • Trés Nadal is a Black freelance cartoonist and illustrator! They love using bright colours with a variation of styles - they mainly focus on subjects of body horror, but love working in pretty much anything! Say hi to them here.

Behold the incredible Auric All-Stars deck!
And their opponents, the Canis Underdogs!

Risks and challenges

The world of game production and delivery remains kind of chaotic right now, but we at Wayfinder Games have worked hard to make sure that we're doing everything we can to make this process as smooth as we can. We've partnered with the team at Longpack Games in China to produce the base game and booster packs, and they bring an unmatched reputation for quality in the products they make. Ocean transportation for the finished product has been planned in advance (along with backup plans for air shipping if required).

Our deluxe playmats and acrylic token sets are made much closer to home! Playmats are being printed by the team at Patriot Games Custom in Sheffield, England, while our token sets are laser-cut by the team at McMordie Bros right here in Wayfinder Games' home of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Being so accessible, we can quality check and make changes where required quickly and efficiently.

While this may be only the second game planned for release by Wayfinder, we present our credentials proudly. As a two-person team we bring plenty of game design, creativity and development experience to the table. Michael (he/him) is a former Diana Jones Award nominee who has over twelve years of working in boardgames under his belt, having been previously worked with companies across the United States and Europe, most recently for Hub Games. Rain (it/its) is a lead member of excellent Blaseball fan band 'the garages', director of Fourth Strike Records, long time hobbyist TTRPG designer, and visual design genius who makes everything we create look incredible. We've also hired in an experienced editor and a sensitivity reader to ensure that our rules are of the highest quality.

From game design and development to project management and logistics, Wayfinder Games strives to be the best in everything we do, while also keeping our supporters informed each step of the way. It's part of our company policy to be as open and honest as possible. If you have questions, please ask us - we'll always be happy to answer.

This game is a cosmic horror baseball simulator, and as such, has the following content warnings:
- Death
- References to, but no depictions of, immolation
- Drug & alcohol reference
- References to, but no depictions of, surgery
- Mild body horror
- Blood
- Drowning
- Tobacco use

Refunds and cancellation

Wayfinder Games is happy to offer a full refund at any point during the campaign and production process to any supporters who have not been shipped any product, less any fees that may have been incurred. Should you need to cancel your support after the campaign comes to a close, simply get in contact with us and we'll organise everything for you, no questions asked. If you're unhappy with your game when you receive it or are missing any parts (it can happen!), please get in touch and we'll do everything we can to assist!