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Bloodstones by Martin Wallace Martin Wallace
Bloodstones is the latest game from Martin Wallace.

Project story

1 - 6
Play time
2 h
14 +
area control
Welcome to Fal, although please do not expect a friendly one. For as long as its inhabitants can remember, strife has been a way of life on Fal. Over the years factions formed from the disparate races, which for reasons known only to themselves, could find no peace with each other.

Bloodstones is a fantasy wargame for one to six players featuring six different races, each with their own specific powers. Each of the six races in Bloodstones has its own mix of units, represented by domino shape tiles. Some of these units will be unique to that race, such as Dragons to the Dragon Riders and Giants to the Hill Folk.

The aim of the game is to have the most victory points at the end of the game, which can be gained by building villages, by raiding other players’ villages and by winning battles.

Bloodstones is not going into distribution channels, so it is very unlikely to be able to be purchased in retail unless a retailer backs.

What's in the Box?

More information about the components:

  • All the tiles and markers are High Impact Plastic, with heat-transferred artwork. This has a similar feel to the tiles used in Azul. More tile information here.
  • The Maps are soft, made from 170gsm faux silk, and lay flat on a table while reducing weight. Dimensions are 73x61.5cm for most maps (the 5-6 play map will be larger - dimensions to be shared when I know) More map information here. The maps are machine washable (cold water) You can see the map (old art) movement here
  • The Faction Cards are double-sided, and printed on 250gsm paper composite, which is the stuff that's impossible to tear.
  • The Bags are made from velvet, with machine embroidery. You can see a bit more about them here and here
  • The Box is linen-finished and printed on the inside, both lid and bottom.
  • The Rule Book is printed on thick paper, with a linen finish applied.

Also, to add for the Map Artwork; these are all hand inked and coloured in water colour. A lot of love and care has gone into these maps.


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)

Solo Mode

Bloodstones, as you see it on Gamefound, comes with a solo mode by default. It's a 12 scenario campaign being written by Stephen Hurn.

Each of the 12 missions is hand crafted to provide a different play experience that highlights different units, play styles and tactics. You will face different numbers of opponents based on the scenario. There will be 3 missions for each of the 4 original factions. 6 more scenarios have now been confirmed, 3 for each unlocked faction.

The automa for each map is map specific - it is not designed to act as a plug and play Automa that can be added to a multiplayer game. It's a solo mode that's designed for someone who wants hours of interesting solo gameplay. 

The solo campaign should give around 20h of gameplay, assuming players win every mission, which is what most video games offer. 

***Unlocked factions means that there will now be 18 scenarios***

Playthrough of scenario 2 by Mike @ One Stop Co-op Shop - with many thanks.


The David Turczi and Nick Shaw solo mode is something we hope to release as an expansion campaign at a later date, so join us now!

How to play?

Play now on TTS


Please note, prices may very, these are intended as estimates only. Please see FAQ here for more information or if your region isn't listed. I have also included estimates for bulk rates on that page too.

VAT/applicable sales tax will be charged in the PM - unfortunately this is something we must charge.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to ship to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Mexico, India and all of the Middle East - Apologies.


Lost Dice have provided a thoughtful review and have kindly allowed us to share that.

Meet the Factions.

The Dragon Riders have dragons, which is implicit in the name. They have two such units in their mix. A dragon gains +4 in combat, which is a massive modifier considering most other units gain +1. You also cannot retreat from combat involving a dragon, so no running away. Similarly, if you attack a dragon then it can simply fly away. Added to that they only pay one pip per area moved, while other units have to pay two or three to move into forests or hills. The downside of dragons is that if they win a battle as the attacker then they are discarded, they’ve eaten their fill and are off to sleep for a few years. Now, if you lose them this way before you score then they will go back into your bag and you can build them again.

This loose confederation of different tribes includes reivers and giants. Giants gain +2 in battle and you always draw four tiles, even if you do not have the most units in combat. Giants are also good at building castles, so you have six rather than four in your tile mix and they only cost one to build rather than two. The Hill Folk can also move through hill areas more easily and can enter mountain areas (the only other units that can do this are dragons and zombies).

The Horse Lords are your regular human knights, so the least whimsical of the four factions. However they have two rather than one leader, which makes them more mobile than other factions. When a leader moves it can take another unit with it. It’s possible for a leader to take another leader with it, who then takes  a third unit along for the ride. Thus you can move three units for the cost of one. Leaders also gain +1 in battle. The other advantage of the Horse Lords is that they have a hand size of seven tiles rather than six.

Next, there are the Necromancers. This faction has four Necromancer tiles. If you win a battle and there is a Necromancer present then you gain undead tiles equal to the number of units you eliminated, which is normally one. You can move your undead up to two areas at no cost, but you always move them before your main actions. Note that the undead ignore terrain costs, they just keep on trudging.

The Corsairs are the masters of the seas and fearsome raiders. They can strike at a moment’s notice from their ships, catching their prey unawares. When threatened they can take to their ships and sail off into the distance. As long as they stay close to the waters they are a powerful faction. They gain an additional +1 in sea combat. They also have the advantage of seeing the opponents tiles in combat before deciding whether they wish to substitute a tile of their own. Their main weakness is that they have no cavalry.

The Chaos Horde are exactly that, chaotic. With these fellows on the field the other players will have no rest. They have no citadel or villages to defend so can wander where they like. They can build units where they already have units, so can quickly create a large attack force out of nowhere. Most importantly, they can capture villages during their main action phase rather than at the beginning of their turn. This means they can slip into your territory, capture your villages, and then disappear before you have had a chance to react. Guarding against the Chaos Horde is difficult and you must be very careful where you build. They change the dynamic of the game like no other faction.


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Team Members
Martin Wallace - Martin is an acclaimed designer with many successful games under his belt

Cassie Simpson - Katzenspiel Solutions - Cassie is a huge community supporter, passionate about boardgames, handy with TTS and crowdfunding. Cassie is managing the campaign and is using the Wallace Designs' login (as is Martin)

Leith Walton - Leith from Nurtured Creations is a multidisciplinary creative artist that focuses on producing connected creative outcomes through graphic design, illustrations, and workshops. His love of fantasy and adventure fuels his passion for creating immersive projects in all manner of forms. 

Iain Anderson is the author of the book "Final Cut Pro Efficient Editing”, an Apple Certified Trainer, a tutorial creator, a videographer, a video editor, an animator, a designer, a retoucher, and a developer of websites and apps. Find him online at iain-anderson.com or @funwithstuff on Twitter

Retailer Info

Please note that this game will not be going into distribution.

Language Editions?


MasQueOca será el editor responsable de entregar todas las copias del juego en el territorio Español.
Junto al juego y todos los elementos extras desbloqueados, se entregará un pack de idioma gratuito
Que incluye el reglamento y las hojas de ayuda impresas en español. El IVA se carga durante la
Campaña, pero el transporte será cobrado posteriormente. Puedes realizar el seguimiento de la campaña
Completa y resolver todas tus dudas en www.edicionesmasqueoca.com/diarios
Si tienes cualquier consulta puedes contactar con nosotros a través del email gamefound@masqueoca.com

French Version
Nuts Publishing will be running a pre-order, please click on their logo to be taken to their pre-order. If for any reason this does not proceed, we are committed to doing a digital translation for you, just pop $1 here to get an invitation to the pledge manger.

Italian Version
Giochix will be running their own crowdfunding concurrently - If you would like the Italian version, please click below image - This has funded!

German Version - We have set up a German pledge and the rules and reference cards will be printed and included for you.

Risks and challenges

As with all crowdfunding campaigns, delays can happen. We are doing all we can to get straight to print as soon as possible once funds clear, but we can't control pandemics, shipping crisis etc. We do however promise to keep you up to date with this.

Refunds and cancellation

Throughout the crowdfunding campaign, supporters are free to modify or cancel their pledge. Gamefound will only collect payment at the end of the campaign, and if the project is successfully funded. 

If the project does not fund successfully, or is canceled, supporters will not be charged. 

Once the campaign has ended, if you would like to modify or cancel your order, you may contact our customer support team and request a partial refund or cancel the order altogether. 

We offer a 90% no-questions-asked refund, after Gamefound has collected its 10% fee to cover payment processing charges, Gamefound fees, and administrative fees. 

Upon delivery of the game, if any game component is damaged or missing, please reach out to us as we would be happy to provide a replacement. Supporters may request a replacement via email or the contact form on our website.