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Sheol Board Game by Lunar Oak Studio Lunar Oak Studio
Sheol is a cooperative 1-4 player campaign game, set in a unique sci-fi world shrouded in an eternal night.

Project overview

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Sheol is a cooperative game, playable solo or up to 4 people, with an emphasis on storytelling and strategy. Sheol is set in a coherent universe where game mechanics and setting are deeply interconnected. It is organized in campaigns, in turn, subdivided into missions.

In each mission, players will have to coordinate their efforts tactically to complete the objectives and defend the central game area (the Citadel) from the enemy invasion. The story will progress, mission after mission, allowing characters to discover the secrets of the Sheol’s world and unlock more items and skills.

The story of Sheol in brief

When the Shadows reached the moon, a dark mass called Sheol, like a black tide, began to form until it shrouded the moon completely, and the moon 'cried' the Shadows down to Earth. Although technologically advanced, mankind had no means to stop the Shadows, which slowly filled the Earth and exterminated almost everyone. The planet was fully enveloped in a layer of clouds so dark that sunlight could not filter through, and the survivors took refuge on the Isle of Light, also called the Citadel, the last outpost of mankind.

Lux, a type of light radiation capable of destroying Shadows, was discovered too late. Enclosed between the immense walls humans have to defend from a world that now belongs to the shadows. Only the Scouts, explorers of the unknown dare to challenge them. In this game, you are one of them.

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