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Mutants - The Card Game by Lucky Duck Games Lucky Duck Games
Mutants is an innovative deck-builder where players lead a team of genetically modified gladiators.
Incubator Overload Expansion

Incubator Overload Expansion

Get yourself the Incubator Overload expansion!
14,5 x 29,5 x 38 cm

Product description

This expansion provides a new wave of advanced Mutants to refresh your drafted plays and provide some amazing new combos. It also comes with 2 very fresh Solo Bosses and the mini "Building" expansion.

More info

The Incubator Overload expansion includes:
  • 72 Second Wave Advanced cards
  • 4 Building tokens
  • 19 Heimdall Solo Boss Mode cards
  • 19 Glubber Solo Boss Mode cards

It's fully available in the following languages:
  • English
  • French


"We love the asymmetrical nature of the mutant decks of cards!!"
- Tantrum House [full video]

"So. Freaking. Unique."
- Never Bored Gaming [full video]

"Very unique deck builder!"
- Unfiltered Gamer

"Fluid & Colorful!"
- The Battlecast [full video]