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Vez'Nan vs Moloch add-on

Vez'Nan vs Moloch add-on

INCLUDES: Vez'Nan vs Moloch add-on

Product description

Increase your Kingdom Rush: Rift In Time experience by adding this add-on for 4 new scenarios, 2 new miniatures and everything that come with it!

More info

By selecting this add-on, you will get:
  • 4 new scenarios
  • Vez'Nan and Moloch miniatures
  • Vez'Nan Hero board
  • Vez'Nan Hero Tray
  • Vez'Nan Activation card
  • Vez'Nan 4 Special Action tiles
  • Vez'Nan pack of polyomino damage tiles
  • Moloch Boss deck
  • Moloch Reference card
  • 6 Horde cards
  • Portal Storm cards


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