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Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising by Lucky Duck Games Lucky Duck Games
Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising is a fully cooperative standalone board game for 1 to 4 players that offers the ultimate tower-defense experience for the tabletop!

Project story

castle defense
You can read more about how the Tower Mod stickers work and the material we're planning to use in this update.



Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising

Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time

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EN - Man Vs Meeple - Preview
"Tower Defense is a tricky genre to emulate, and Elemental Uprising does a great job replicating the tension and the quick, puzzle-solving ability needed to play out and upgrade your towers. By changing the objectives of the game and introducing new win conditions, Elemental Uprising manages to keep the game formula feeling fresh while also being familiar. Plus these new towers are just fun!" - Ryan Schoon

EN - Rolling Solo - How to Play & Playthrough
"Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time took me completely by surprise! I love the strategic puzzle of taking down the hordes. I assure you after you play the first scenario, you’ll be coming back for more! Elemental Uprising feels like a perfect progression of the core design. It adds additional layers of strategy while still maintaining the sheer fun factor that made the original so great!" - Adam Smith

EN - The Dice Tower - Preview
"BOOM! Tower defense that’s truly engaging for the tabletop! Not only that, but the use of polyomino as damage markers, adds a ton of fun puzzle aspects to the game. And a sprawling campaign that leads you to a final boss. So many options between the use of your heroes and the towers to inflict damage on the horde! All I can say is BRING IT!"  - Mark Streed

EN - Quackalope - Playthrough
"I think this is a really really good tower defense and polyomino puzzle. I think that it excutes on the mechanics of a tower defence game in a way that I probably haven't seen other games do as accurately- Jesse

EN - epitrapaizoume - Preview
"I knew that I was going to love the new standalone since I loved the original, what I didn't expect was to find new things to be excited for in the new design. New tower mechanics, customization with mods, new monster abilities and environmental elements. This tower defense has it all!!!- Evangelos

EN - Never Bored Gaming - Preview
"If you're a fan of the original Kingdom Rush, you’re going to love Elemental Uprising even more" - Tom

EN - BoardGameCo - Review
"Elemental Uprising is an excellent standalone addition to the Kingdom Rush universe, adding some particularly fun heroes, events, new towers and board modifications that will all mix up your experience. Tactical, tense and rewarding, this is a solo and cooperative experience that I love!" - Alex Radcliffe

EN - Board Game Ramblings - Playthrough
"Kingdom rush manages to turn a mobile game into a clever polyomino puzzle of timing and being in the right place at the right time" - Sunniva and Johannes

EN - SlickerDrips - Preview
"From the first scenario I'm hooked again - Elemental Uprising is fantastic tower defence packed with perfect polyomino puzzling. It takes everything I love from the original and takes it even further, I can't wait to see the whole campaign and to have Elemenace terrorise the table!" - Tom Heath

EN - Learn to Play Games - Playthrough
"Elemental Uprising keeps the best things from Rift in time. Your strategic prowess is more focused on handling the impending waves without the worry of losing your built up tower defenses. Definitely brings the spirit of the mobile game to the table" - Lance Hinkel

EN - Beastie Geeks - Preview
"Beneath its beautiful, and joyful surface, Elemental Uprising surprises with its deep, strategic, and immersive gameplay." - David & Greg

EN - Board Game Stories - Preview
"The new tower mechanics, the event cards and the new hero abilities enrich the game and create an amazing experience!" - Thanos 

EN - theMCGuiRE review - Preview
"Elemental is the same great game but it brings mechanics that make it feel fresh and new. It’s a really well done follow up and definitely holds its place for being one of the best tower defense board games" - Josh McGuire

EN - The Battle Cast - Preview
"The maps feel alive! Each tower brings a unique angle of attack which is needed to defeat the clever new enemies." - Justin Lenaghan

EN - Tabletop Knights - Playthrough
"Elemental Uprising is easy to learn and incredibly rewarding to master and complete! The mechanics are simple, the strategy is tough and puzzly, and it's a blast!" - Greg & Victor

EN - Hungry Gamer - Preview
"Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising masterfully translates the tower defense app into a table top experience, yet while doing so it manages to slice away all the frustrating parts, and adds, what is perhaps, the pre-eminent polyomino puzzle in board gaming" - William Brown

FR - L'École du jeu
"Des ajouts intéressants à l'univers de Kingdom Rush, défi relevé !" - JP

FR - Kaelawen (Ça Va Geeker)
"Toutes ces nouveautés apportent un vent de fraîcheur sur Kingdom Rush !" - Marion

FR - Ludovox - Ludochrono
"Des mécanismes qui vont renouveler l'expérience de Faille Temporelle" - Matthieu

FR - La Société des jeux - Règles et Avis du jeu
"Kingdom Rush, un excellent casse-tête ludique qui passe au niveau supérieur avec Elemental Uprising." - Martin

FR - Es-tu Game ?
"C'est vraiment bon !" - Raph

FR - Un Monde de jeu

FR - Extralife
"Avec une campagne de 12 scénarios et des cartes événements disséminées au fur et à mesure des missions, vous aurez pas mal de surprises à découvrir !" - Jihem

DE - Boardgame-Hero - Preview + Gewinnspiel
"Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising is a cool tower defense game that I really enjoy!" - Thomas Jacob

ES - Analisis-Paralisis - Presentación
"Esta nueva entrega autojugable acierta en sus nuevas mecánicas destacando los eventos y las nuevas condiciones de victoria", "the new implements of the game are really cool, stickers are TOTALLY AWESOME!"- Sergio

PL - GrAlutka - Zapowiedź
"Żadna gra w stylu dower defense nigdy nie sprawiła mi tyle radości. Pięknie wykonana, czysta i prosta mechaniczne, przednia zabawa dla fanòw kooperacji i układanek logicznych! Elemetal Uprising wskakuje na wyższy poziom niż Rift in Time dzięki ulepszonym wieżom oraz ciekawej mechanice naklejek. Jeśli po podstawowej kampanii chcecie więcej, to to was nie zawiedzie!" - Alicja


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About the Designers

About Lucky Duck Games

Lucky Duck Games is a tabletop game publisher that may be best known for the critically acclaimed Chronicles of Crime franchise which has sold over 300,000 copies around the world and has been translated into 25 languages.
Our mission is to create, publish, and distribute innovative tabletop games, for players around the globe, that offer interactive entertainment and deliver unparalleled shared experiences. We also publish and localise games from other designers, offering a global reach to our partners, so you may recognise us from some of the below games.
Thanks to the support of backers like you we’ve been able to design and produce epic games for crowdfunding platforms and Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising is now our 11th crowdfunding campaign.

Our team is now 27 people strong with colleagues based across four countries (Poland, France, UK, and the USA) and is made up of artists, writers, designers, programmers, logistics managers, customer support colleagues and so much more. From the entire team at Lucky Duck Games, we want to say thank you for taking the time to consider our campaign.


We have arranged a partnership with a UK fulfillment company to fulfill the UK pledges domestically. We will ship pallets of games to them and pay for customs for the games to enter the UK. This means that you will not have any customs charges to pay, since your pledge will ship from within the UK.

Some recent board game crowdfunding campaigns have started charging VAT on pledges and on shipping. We want to clarify that we won’t be doing that. All the pledge prices you see on Gamefound are final. Our shipping price estimates do not include VAT, and it won’t be added afterwards.

Risks and challenges

As we have already worked with our license partner, Ironhide Game Studio, on the previous Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time campaign, we are comfortable with the development and delivery timelines we have estimated to deliver a great game to backers.

That being said, outside of making sure that the game is properly prepared and choosing our partners wisely (printers, logistics, etc.), it is not impossible that we face delays from uncontrollable sources. This may cause some delay in the delivery date but rest assured that, if this were to happen, we will keep you informed about the situation.

Terms and Conditions
By pledging to this campaign, you acknowledge that the final appearance, materials and content of the rewards (and the campaign) are subject to change and may differ substantially from what is presented while the campaign project is active.

You agree that our responsibility to you is to ship your reward as entered into our pledge manager system, that title and risk passes to you upon delivery to a common carrier for such shipment, and you are responsible for import duties or any other duties that may be payable to the relevant tax authorities, providing correct address information and ensuring this address is deliverable by normal methods.

GDPR and Data/Privacy Protection law
By pledging on this campaign, you give us the right to transfer your personal data to selected partners, for the sole purpose of sending you your games. We will never sell your data to anyone, and we won't transfer it to partners who aren't involved in fulfilling your pledge specifically (i.e. our US fulfillment partner won't get the data of EU backers). For these purposes only, the following will be given your information:
  • us, Lucky Duck Games, to transfer it to the partners who will need it.
  • Gamefound, which collects your shipping address and pledge preferences.
  • the fulfillment company in charge of shipping the game to you (we usually work with Quartermaster Logistics, Pick & Pack Logistics, HappyShops, Meeple Logistics, Green Logistics, VFI and Oz Editions, but possibly others, you may ask us more details if you wish).
  • the transporter chosen by the fulfillment company to deliver you the game (including but not limited to FedEx, UPS, DHL, Colissimo, Chronopost...).
While we have chosen these partners for their high level of professionalism, we can't guarantee that they comply with GDPR other than just asking them if they do. We invite you to check their website and/or contact them to ask them for more details if you want.

By "personal data", we mean:
  • full name
  • physical address
  • email address
  • phone number
You also give us the right to keep this information without any limit in time as we know some backers contact us years after fulfillment is over for issues regarding their pledge, and that we need this information to know what happened and how to best fix any issues that have come up. This information is stored in our company Dropbox account (and therefore Dropbox's servers), as well as locally on computers in our Krakow (Poland) office.

You have the right to rectify, modify and delete this data at any time, and you can do so by contacting us at info@luckyduckgames.com. However, please note that doing so might prevent us from actually shipping you the game if you ask to do that before we ship your pledge, as this information is required for us to do so. While we'll ask them and we trust them to do so, we can't guarantee that our partners will also delete your data on their side. In this situation we will invite you to contact them also.

Note that you will have to contact the Pledge Manager Gamefound separately if you wish your Gamefound account to be modified or deleted: having an account on Gamefound lets you order games from many different projects, including some that we do not own, and therefore we can't modify or delete your account on Gamefound. We can only act on the part regarding your specific pledges for our own campaigns for example, changing or deleting your address for a specific campaign of ours.

Please note that while GDPR only applies to the European Union, for simplicity and because GDPR globally gives a much better protection for customers, we apply the principles of this law no matter where you live in the world.

Refunds and cancellation

All pledges can be refunded up to the completion of the Pledge Manager, no questions asked.

If the refund is asked more than 60 days after the end of the campaign, 10% will be deducted from the amount (corresponding to the charges incurred by Gamefound and Adyen, since we will not be refunded of them at that point), and the refund will have to be done via PayPal instead of the Credit Card you used on Adyen.

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