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Collector Pledge

Collector Pledge

Get yourself the premium content of Jetpack Joyride, with many exclusives and a numbered exclusive collector box! This Collector Pledge also includes 1x Party Expansion and the 6-players Dry-Erase Board to play with 6 players in total.
22 x 36 x 7 cm

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It contains:
  • 1x Standard box of Jetpack Joyride with: 50 Pentomino tiles, 16 double-sided Lab cards, 12 Mission cards, 12 Gadget cards, 1 Scorepad, 1 Rulebook, 1 Plastic inlay, 1 exclusive box Sleeve, 1 exclusive numbered Collector Big Box (containing the Standard game box), 1 Exclusive Barry's Mini, 1 Limited edition Oversized Poster, 1 Limited edition Cotton Bag, 1 Limited edition Golden Metal, 1 Dry-Erase 6 players Scoreboard and its pen
  • 1x Party Expansion (allowing the game to be played with 5 or 6 players) with: 25 additional Pentomino tiles, 6 unique Gadgets, 8 unique Lab cards
  • 1x Vehicle Expansion with: 5 printed Vehicle Tetromino tiles, 2 new Gadget cards, 2 new Mission cards, 5 Vehicle cards, 4 new double-sided Lab cards
  • 1x Lucky Barry Expansion with: 2 new Gadget cards, 2 new Mission cards, 4 new double-sided Lab cards, 1 custom Die
  • 1x Solo Campaign Expansion with: 1 Booklet with  40 Puzzles (44 pages)
  • all unlocked Stretch Goals: 8 Mission cards, 9 Gadget cards, 8 new Lab cards, 4 Vehicle cards and their Tetromino tiles (5x, S.A.M. being 2 tiles), 10 extra Puzzles for the Solo Campaign Expansion
  • the unlocked Kickstarter Exclusive Social Goal: 1 additional Gadget: Biplane Jetpack

Estimated delivery date: March 2019.


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  • "I have to say, Lucky Duck Games is killing it with this game. I am super impressed. They have done an absolutely fabulous job at taking this mobile experience and making it into a lightweight fun family game." - Gaming with Edo [EN]
  • "This adaptation is even more fun than the original game and the artwork is great!" - Tantrum House [EN]
  • "I am always blown away by the way Lucky Duck Games is able to translate app games into board games so efficiently!" - Never Bored Gaming [EN]
  • "Jetpack Joyride encapsulates the mobile game application to perfection, this is easily our favorite dexterity game currently." - Unfiltered Gamer [EN]
  • "This is a very fun, fast paced, path finding game. I really, really enjoyed it!" - Slicker Drips [EN]
  • "This is easily a keeper. Hands down the most fun real time competitive game we've ever played. Play countless times, never get bored!" - BG News [EN]
  • "Le jeu est rapide et facile à comprendre : il va plaire à un grand éventail de joueurs, jeunes et moins jeunes, joueurs et moins joueurs." - L'école du jeu [FR]
  • "Un jeu de course à objectifs et de placement de tuiles très plaisant. L'aspect temps réel ajoute une belle tension entre joueurs durant les parties." - Professeur Board Game [FR]


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