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Are you looking to group up your pledge with others to save on shipping? Then this is what you are looking for! Only available for Deluxe Pledges. Contains 6x Deluxe boxes.

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It contains:
  • 6x Standard box of Jetpack Joyride, each with: 50 Pentomino tiles, 16 double-sided Lab cards, 12 Mission cards, 12 Gadget cards, 1 Scorepad, 1 Rulebook, 1 Plastic inlay, 1 exclusive box Sleeve
  • 6x Vehicle Expansion, each with: 5 printed Vehicle Tetromino tiles, 2 new Gadget cards, 2 new Mission cards, 5 Vehicle cards, 4 new double-sided Lab cards
  • 6x Lucky Barry Expansion, each with: 2 new Gadget cards, 2 new Mission cards, 4 new double-sided Lab cards, 1 custom Die
  • 6x Solo Campaign Expansion, each with: 1 Booklet with  40 Puzzles (44 pages)
  • 6x all unlocked Stretch Goals, each with: 8 Mission cards, 9 Gadget cards, 8 new Lab cards, 4 Vehicle cards and their Tetromino tiles (5x, S.A.M. being 2 tiles), 10 extra Puzzles for the Solo Campaign Expansion
  • 6x the unlocked Kickstarter Exclusive Social Goal, each with 1 additional Gadget: Biplane Jetpack

Estimated delivery date: March 2019.


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  • "I have to say, Lucky Duck Games is killing it with this game. I am super impressed. They have done an absolutely fabulous job at taking this mobile experience and making it into a lightweight fun family game." - Gaming with Edo [EN]
  • "This adaptation is even more fun than the original game and the artwork is great!" - Tantrum House [EN]
  • "I am always blown away by the way Lucky Duck Games is able to translate app games into board games so efficiently!" - Never Bored Gaming [EN]
  • "Jetpack Joyride encapsulates the mobile game application to perfection, this is easily our favorite dexterity game currently." - Unfiltered Gamer [EN]
  • "This is a very fun, fast paced, path finding game. I really, really enjoyed it!" - Slicker Drips [EN]
  • "This is easily a keeper. Hands down the most fun real time competitive game we've ever played. Play countless times, never get bored!" - BG News [EN]
  • "Le jeu est rapide et facile à comprendre : il va plaire à un grand éventail de joueurs, jeunes et moins jeunes, joueurs et moins joueurs." - L'école du jeu [FR]
  • "Un jeu de course à objectifs et de placement de tuiles très plaisant. L'aspect temps réel ajoute une belle tension entre joueurs durant les parties." - Professeur Board Game [FR]


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