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Chronicles of Crime - The Millennium Series by Lucky Duck Games Lucky Duck Games
Three brand new standalone Chronicles of Crime games which utilize the same great system, but provide interesting gameplay twists and refreshing settings, that span an entire millennium from 1400 to 1900 and finally 2400. All three games are standalone experiences with no need for a base game.
Large Neoprene Mat

Large Neoprene Mat

A gorgeous Millennium Series themed 1080 x 560mm neoprene mat to play on! Usable with all Chronicles of Crime games,
1080 x 560 x 2 mm

Product description

Enhance your experience and immerse yourself even more by laying down this 1080 x 560mm neoprene mat on your table before setting up Chronicles of Crime!

Despite being themed to The Millennium Series, the neoprene mat is usable with all Chronicles of Crime games, so this is the ultimate surface to solve your cases on.

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