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Chronicles of Crime - The Millennium Series by Lucky Duck Games Lucky Duck Games
Three brand new standalone Chronicles of Crime games which utilize the same great system, but provide interesting gameplay twists and refreshing settings, that span an entire millennium from 1400 to 1900 and finally 2400. All three games are standalone experiences with no need for a base game.
Single Game Pledge

Single Game Pledge

Choose ONE game from The Millennium Series. Solve crimes in 1400, 1900, or 2400, the choice is yours. Includes the Chronicles of Time Expansion.

Product description

By selecting this pledge, you will be able to select ONE of the three games from The Millennium Series:
  • Chronicles of Crime: 1400
  • Chronicles of Crime: 1900
  • Chronicles of Crime: 2400
By choosing this pledge you will also receive the Chronicles of Time Expansion for free.
There is a maximum of three Single Game pledges per order.

More info

Chronicles of Crime - The Millennium Series
1–4 Players | 60–90 Mins per Scenario | Ages 14+
Chronicles of Crime: 1400 brings back well-known mechanics while adding some new twists. Now you can deduce not only from the evidence you find or the testimonies given by various characters but also from the mysterious scenes depicted on new Vision Cards. These scenes can be either from the future or from the past and they usually involve characters and objects yet to be revealed.
Chronicles of Crime: 1900 challenges players not only to skillfully collect evidence and interrogate suspects but also to solve some escape-room-style puzzles incorporated into each scenario.

Can you guess the right combination to open the safe? Would you be able to decipher an encrypted message found on the crime scene? Can you trace the suspect by navigating a map? It won’t be easy, but if you get stuck, you can ask your colleague Charlotte for help. She runs the “Puzzles and Riddles” column in your newspaper, so she can always give you a hint about the mystery you’re struggling with.
Chronicles of Crime: 2400 lets you use all the latest technology to solve crimes. Your pet Cyber-Raven can analyze evidence and search the web to find information on suspects. During the course of a scenario, you may also obtain cybernetic implants that would increase your abilities. Super-senses that help you find evidence on the crime scene? A tomograph to quickly check the person you’re talking to for cyber enhancements? Or maybe a zapper to quickly neutralize any electronic device? The future is full of useful stuff!

Be careful though, as the technology is not always on your side! Is the character you’re talking to a human or an android? Who’s hiding behind the avatars you meet in the virtual cyberspace locations? The struggle between criminals and detectives is millennia old, but at the beginning of the 25th century, it’s been taken to a whole new level.


Tantrum House: "Chronicles of Crime reaches new levels with the new Millennium Series"

Man Vs Meeple: "Both gameplay and storytelling in Chronicles of Crime are expanded upon in a multitude of ways"

Rolling Solo: "You'll be immersed in the case in no time!"

Kaelawen et les Meeples: "De nouvelles mécaniques, des époques et des ambiances différentes qui permettent de renouveler l'expérience et de renforcer l'immersion"

Gry Planszowe u Wookiego: "Millennium Series dodaje nowe, bardzo fajne mechaniki i wprowadza nowe, ciekawy klimat. To pozycja obowiązkowa, jeśli szukasz gry kooperacyjnej z wciągającą fabułą"

Análisis-Parálisis: "Cronicas del Crimen viaja en el tiempo ampliando su brillante jugabilidad"