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CHAOS expansion

CHAOS expansion

This expansion brings the Chaos King, a hero from LOAD, to Vanguard of War! It contains one Epic version of the Chaos King to serve as an Overlord in the demon armies and five normal versions to be used as Chaos Knight Abominations! Default language is English but it will be automatically adjusted to match your language choice for main game.

Product description

CHAOS expansion contains: Foam insert,
1 x Overlord miniature, 3 x Overlord cards, 5 x Abomination miniatures, and 8 x Abomination cards.

More info

VoW miniatures are made from a specially produced HIPS-based material. It is able to hold an amazing amount of detail (similar to resin minis) while at the same time providing the durability needed for regular play. Each miniature is produced as a single piece, thus no need for assembly. You will be ready to play straight from the box!


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