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World At War 85 Blood and Fury by Lock 'n Load Publishing Lock 'n Load Publishing
Blood and Fury is the second volume in the new World At War 85 Series, a line of games centered on fast and furious platoon-level combat. Set in an alternate history 1985, the globe is thrust into the maelstrom of World War III when the Warsaw Pact armies storm across the border between East and West Germany in a gamble to seize West Germany and the whole of Free Europe.

Project story

1 - 2
Play time
1 h
12 +

Prologue to Blood and Fury: The Soviet Plan

What's New?

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Here is what you get

The images shown and number of components do not always match.  The images are not to show all components but are to give a visual representation of them. 

Game Statistics


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)


A Turn in Blood and Fury

New Operational Linked Campaign

Breakdown of the Game Components

Core Rules, Companion Books and the Starter Kit

Playing Virtually

For those who enjoy playing their board games live online via the internet, we provide two methods. The first method is via Tabletop Simulator which is available on Steam and the second method is via VASSAL.  Blood and Furry will be available on both platforms shortly.  

World At War 85 Starter Kit

Publisher Note: In development is a digital edition of World At War 85 coming to Steam.  World At War 85 Digital will be able to be played on either Mac or Windows computer systems. Players will be able to play multiplayer online or against the challenging AI. 

Video Tutorials, Gameplay and Q&A

Gameplay, Tutorials, and Q&A Videos:
This section will be updated throughout the Crowdfunding Campaign, so make sure to check it out frequently. Many of the videos use prototype game components or our Tabletop Simulator module.

Blood and Fury Live Chat Q&A Session
In this video Designer, Keith Tracton, Devin Heinle and David Heath go over the new features and changes in the World At War 85 Core Rules v2.2 and Blood and Fury.

What's New in the Core Rules and Blood and Fury
In this video Designer, Keith Tracton goes over the new feature and changes in the World At War 85 Core Rules v2.2 and Blood and Fury. Please Note: We know there are some mic issues in this video. We will be making additional videos this week.

Blood and Fury New Terrain and Some Quick Gameplay
Designer Keith Tracton and Devin Heinle go over the new Terrain found in Blood and Fury and play a quick few turns. Please Note: We know there are some mic issues in this video. We will be making additional videos this week.

New Units In Blood and Fury
Designer Keith Tracton reviews some of the new unit types you will find.

World At War 85 General Concepts
Here are some general concepts for the World At War 85 series. This video is from our Bootcamp tutorial videos.

World At War 85 Tutorial Bootcamp Playlist

What do you get for pledging

It's All In the Game

Unlike previous campaigns, this campaign features stretch goals to enhance your game but does not exclude any game features. Gone are the questions about what you'll end up with; no content is sectioned off. What you see is what you get. Instead, we'll be offering additional stretch goals that, while not required, will provide an enhanced gaming experience.


Linen Finish Cards - $28,000
All Data Cards will now come with a Linen Finish. 

Flight Stands - $32,000
Our plastic hexagon stands allow players to place all airborne on top of our flight stands to show their in-flight status while not displacing any of the ground units on the map itself.  The flight stands neatly fit over the game hex, approximately about 2 inches.  Players can instantly tell what units are airborne, adding a phenomenal visual appeal to your battlefield as well as making moving your airborne units more efficient.  Each game will come with four flight stands.

WaW85 Core Rule v2.2 Spiral Bound Book Upgrade - $36,000
Our World At War 85 Core Rules book will be upgraded from a saddle stitch book to spiral-bound books  The spiral-bound book provides the ability to lay them flat, making the books much easier to reference any rule section during gameplay. 

WaW85 Companion Spiral Bound Book Upgrade - $40,000
Both our World At War 85 Core Rules and our Blood and Fury Companion book will be upgraded from saddle stitch books to spiral-bound books.  Our spiral-bound books have the ability to lay flat, making the books easier to reference during gameplay. 

Edge of the Line PDF and MP3 World At War 85 Book. - $45,000
Our latest World At War 85 novel continues the story of World War 3 in Europe.  Backers will receive a PDF book and audio MP3 download of our exciting new story. 

Customs Friendly Regions and Shipping Rates

Shipping will be charged during your post-Crowdfunding campaign survey, on which you will fill in your shipping address. Our pledge manager will use your shipping address to calculate and charge you for shipping your reward.  Shipping prices will be based on approximately 8.0 - 9.0 pounds based on our estimated product weight.

If you are in one of the above Friendly Custom Regions, we do not anticipate any additional fees such as customs, clearance, taxes, or other fees associated with receiving your package in those Regions.  If you’re outside of these regions, you may need to pay such fees listed above or other local fees.

We do not ship to Brazil, Russia, or the Ukraine.  We also cannot ship to areas in a state of conflict or emergency.

Following is a list of estimates for shipping our products.   We cannot ship to PO Boxes due to the weight of this product.

VAT - Will be collected if necessary via our pledge manager for those areas outside our Friendly Custom Regions. VAT is not included in the shipping cost and will be a separate line item from our pledge manager.

Listed below are the estimated shipping costs and handling fees, which may vary.

  • United States: $20 - $25 and Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico $30 - $35
  • Canada: $30 - $35
  • United Kingdom: $25 - $30
  • European Union: $25 - $35
  • Rest of Europe: $40 - $45
  • Asia: $35 - $65
  • Australia and New Zealand: $40 - $60
  • Rest of the World: $65 - $75

Shipment and Delivery

Upon successful funding of the crowdfunding campaign, we estimate delivery starting in December 2022. This is subject to change due to world events or other unforeseen acts. Our plan is to have our printer's prototype within 60 days or less. Our goal is to provide a much quicker turnaround time because we already have all the material ready and reviewed by our printer before the start of the Crowdfunding campaign. This will greatly decrease the risk to our backers and provide a much quicker turnaround time. We will be providing videos of the production and assembly process and, if available, transport tracking.

Refunds and cancellation

During the crowdfunding campaign, you can freely modify or cancel any order or any part of an order. Gamefound only collects your payment at the end of a successfully funded campaign. Since all funds are used to decide printing quantities, we consider all sales as final once the campaign has been completed.

Risks and challenges

Our production team has decades of experience and success in the gaming industry. We are leveraging that long experience and have worked diligently to prepare this project and minimize the risk involved by trying to give you all that we believe you want in a Crowdfunding Project: a game that is ready to print.  Our crowdfunding projects have been recognized industry-wide as having some of the highest quality components available.  We have completed all design, development, play-testing, artwork, and graphics in advance.