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Dead by Daylight: The Board Game by Level 99 Games Level 99 Games
A strategic survival horror experience for 3–5 players. Become a Killer or fight for your life as a Survivor. Death is not an escape.

Project overview

Level 99 Games is a world-renowned publisher of tabletop board games and card games. Over 10 years, we've successfully launched and delivered over 20 Kickstarter Projects. We love Dead By Daylight, and we can't wait to bring it to life on your tabletop!
Behaviour Interactive is the developer of Dead By Daylight the video game, and we are grateful to them for granting us the opportunity to bring this horror classic to the tabletop.
BODA Games is our factory partner for this production. BODA has produced a number of games for us recently, including BattleCON: Unleashed, BattleCON: Devastation, BattleCON: Wanderers, Bullet♥︎, BlazBlue Exceed, and Shovel Knight Exceed.
Quillsilver Studio is a full-service tabletop games development studio with a combined 25 years of experience creating tabletop games. Quillsilver has helped over 40 campaigns reach their funding goal, and has raised nearly $6 million in crowdfunded projects.
Level 99 Games has run and delivered over 20 successful Kickstarter projects in our 10-year history. With each project, we learn new things to improve our processes.

Right now, the prototype of Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game is in the last stages of pre-production approval by our team and Behaviour™ Interactive. All that remains is to begin mass production, do a final approval pass on the factory copies, and ship.

Manufacturing, shipping, and delivering physical goods is a messy business, and there is always the possibility of delays or unforeseen obstacles—especially in recent years. However, we haven't encountered anything yet that we couldn't overcome.

Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game is our largest project ever, and will come with unique challenges in terms of logistics and delivery. With the help of our experienced, world-class distribution and localization partners, a factory we have worked with for over 5 years, and fulfillment centers that we know and trust around the world, we are confident that we can handle any obstacle that comes our way.

Our guarantee to you is as follows:
1. We will keep you updated monthly here on Kickstarter and on our blog with what's happening in production and delivery.
2. Your games will be delivered in satisfactory condition, or your money back.
3. At any time before the project ships, you can reach out to us for a full refund on your pledge.

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Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game