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Adventure Tactics: A co-op tactics campaign for 1-5 players by Letiman Games Letiman Games
Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower is a co-op tactical combat game with deck-construction inspired by our favorite sRPGs (20+ classes)

Project overview


The ruthless Queen Domianne rules the kingdom of Astelia with an iron fist, but an ancient prophecy has emerged which threatens her reign. The adventure starts in your humble village and eventually leads to the seat of Domianne's power, the peerless and ancient Tower of Greylock.

Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower is an encounter-based, campaign-driven, cooperative tactical combat game. Begin your journey as one of 5 Basic Classes and battle your way through a branching campaign where you choose your own path in an attempt to overthrow the evil Queen Domianne. With each encounter, you will level up and unlock over 15 Elite Classes, adding new actions, equipment, and abilities.

Will your team find the right combination of Classes and powers in time to stop Queen Domianne? Let the adventure begin!

Base Game

Standard Version of Adventure Tactics. Including ALL UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS.
  • Adventure Tactics Base Game
    This is for the Adventure Tactics:Domianne's Tower base game only

Adventure Tactics Expansions and Add-ons

Gameplay expansions for Adventure Tactics.
  • Adventure Tactics Hero Pack one
    The Hero Pack 1 adds three new playable classes - Magic Blade, Time Mage, and Engineer - for Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower.
  • Adventure Tactics: Side Quest Guide
    This scenario guide contains single session scenarios written by guest designers!

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