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Harry Potter Catch The Snitch A Wizards Sport Board Game by Knightgames
Welcome to the most action packed board game, Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch, inspired by Quidditch, the fastest, most magical game of all, as seen in the Harry Potter films. Recreate the most famous wizards’ sport, with a game packed with speed, decisive dice rolling and last-gasp victories, where the action never stops.

Project overview

Welcome to the most popular sport in the magic community!
Fast paced, electrifying and always risky, Quidditch has become a true sensation across the Wizarding World. The greatest Players achieve fame and fortune, admired and recognized for their skill and courage. Fans roar in packed stadiums as their teams enact their dazzling strategies.
Are you ready to get the Quaffle into play? Mount your broomsticks and prepare for a dizzying duel.
Let the game begin!

Each Player takes the role of a Coach, in charge of a Team of Players (each represented by a miniature). The aim of the game is to be the first Team to catch the Golden Snitch. The game is divided into two distinct ‘phases’, each of which affects the other.
In the first phase, the Teams compete on the Pitch, trying to overcome their rivals by executing the best tactics, and gaining Snitch cards.
When the Golden Snitch appears, the second phase begins, and the Team’s Seekers begin a frenetic race to catch this elusive ball. Success in the first phase will place you in the best possible situation to outrun the rival Seeker and claim victory.

Each team is fully customizable – configure your team with players of your choice, a tailor-made Tactical deck, and even unique Spectators.

For more information about the game, don't forget to check the Kickstarter Campaign main page.