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Crossroads Inn: The Board Game by Klabater S.A. Klabater S.A.
Folks! We keep playing games about dungeons and dragons, warriors and princesses, but what about the innkeepers, eh? Of course, every good story starts in an inn, but have you ever wondered what adventures happen in the back room? Innkeepers can be heroes too!

Project story

2 - 4
Play time
120 min
12 +
terrain building

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Please note that the contents and final production components can be subject to change from what is shown. Klabater will endeavor to communicate any changes via the Gamefound updates.


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ENG - Learn to Play Games - How to play?

PL - Game Troll TV : Jeśli szukacie gier ekonomicznych, Crossroads Inn napewno będzie bardzo ciekawą grą dla was.

DE - Brettballett - Absolute Empfehlung! Thematish, lustig - schnell gespielt!

ENG - Foyble Games - It's a really cool game! I really enjoyed it!

ENG - Board Game Museum

ENG - Slickerdrips - Playthrough

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If Campaign will be successful your Reward will be shipped to you at that point, which is likely to be several months after you have made and fulfilled your Pledge. The delivery date estimation as of day of Campaign starts is November 2022. This estimate includes creation and preparation of the game, manufacturing, production, shipping and a safety margin for unforeseen events caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, there is always a possibility of unexpected events out of our control, such as shipping delays, customs, manufacturing problems, etc. If anything of this nature happens, we will notify you as soon as possible.
We are responsible for the goods until they are delivered to a common carrier for shipment. The delivery may be a subject to import duties or any other local taxes that may be payable, to the relevant local tax and custom authorities when your rewared reaches your teritory and we cannot predict their amount. In addition to the amount of pledge you must pay us our shiping cost for delivering the reward to you, providing correct address information and ensuring this address is deliverable by normal methods is crucial for us to calculete cost of delivery properly. It is immposible to let you know exact shipping cost when you make a pledge and those can be subject to change because you are helping to create something new and not ordering something that already exists.  

Risks and challenges

Klabater has already completed and delivered a couple of crowd-funded video games-related projects (with items both digital and physical), so we are pretty confident we can deliver on our promises.

We will do everything we can to minimize all the game’s development, manufacturing, and shipping risks. We have already found reliable manufacturing partners. Still, unforeseen problems may present themselves. We’ll do what we can to battle these obstacles while keeping you up to date about all that’s happening. The ongoing pandemic may cause issues, but we have already considered that when making our calculations, so hopefully, there will be no unpleasant surprises.
Thank you for your support!

Refunds and cancellation

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the project is still in development,  and what is presented here may be subject to change. By pledging to this project, you acknowledge that the final look, components, and content of these rewards may differ from what is shown on this Gamefound project page.
When the campaign is finalised and succesfull your pledge can not be cancelled. Still  contact us if you have any issue and we'll see what we can do but if anything can be done all will be at our discretion and by making special agreements with us. Please bare in mind that we may deduct form refund due to you resonable compensation for the cost we will incure a a result of you cancelling the pledge  including but not limited to administrative and payment processing costs.

In case any components are missing or damaged on the way to you, we'll send you the new copy on your expense.

We will close this campaign 4 months after the start of the shipping process and if you pledged in return for reward and by that date you will not provide us with your proper shipping address, then your pledge will be conidered as a donation and your order cannot be shipped after that date.

If you do not agree with our refund policy, we suggest that you do not participate in this campaign. Thank you for your understanding.

Terms and conditions

By pledging to this campaign, you acknowledge that you agree to these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not bake our Project. Gamefound and the Pledge Manager are not online shops, and our contract with you can not be considered as a sales of goods or services to you. Instead we are inviting you to pledge your financial suport and fund our Project but  when you make your pledge and select your preferred reward level option you are not ordering something that already exists. The final appearance, materials, and content of the rewards (and the campaign) can be subject to change and may differ substantially from what is presented while the campaign project is active. We can not guarantee that the Project will definitely be completed or that it will be completed on time.

You agree that our responsibility to you if the Campaign is succesfull is to use our reasonable endeavours to complete the Project and if you made a pledge in return for a reward we will use our resoable endevours to fulfil and deliver your reward to you. If the Project is not completed we will use our resonable endavours to remedy the situation by working in good faith to bring the Project to the best possible conclusion and demonstrate that we have used funds appropriately and made resonable efforts to complete the Project as promised.