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Delivirus - Card Game by Kinson Key Games Kinson Key Games
A COVID-19 inspired card game where players try to avoid symptoms at all costs to complete resource deliveries to win the game.

Project overview

In this strategic race to complete deliveries, players fight to ward off symptoms of the contagious virus while continuing to make deliveries to their valued customers. Each turn, the players have 3 actions they can take: Draw, Play, and Deliver. In the draw portion of their turn, they may choose to take on more deliveries or visit the market to collect resources for their deliveries. Resources include Milk, Bread, Toilet Paper, Coffee, Sandwich Meat, a Gallon of Gas, Water, and Medicine. Once a player acquires all the necessary resources for a delivery, they may complete it at the end of their turn by laying down the resources and delivery card in front of them. Each delivery has a point value and at the end of the game, all completed deliveries will add together, and each uncompleted delivery still in the players hand will subtract to give each player their final score. During the Play portion of a players turn, they may donate 2 resources to Relief Aid, a face up pile created beside the market. By making a donation, a player receives a Relief Aid Reward containing a Preventative or Special card that they can then play or save for future turns. If they do come in contact with a symptom, they must take on the symptom or prevent the symptom by using a Preventative card. If they’ve already got the symptom, it spreads to the other players! Once a player has all 4 Symptoms, that player must take a test to see if the virus is present. If the test is negative, that player can discard two Symptoms and simply end their turn. But if the test comes back positive, that player loses at least their next 2 turns as they self-quarantine and try and fight off the disease until they test negative.


  • Delivirus - Base Game
    Includes one copy of Delivirus.
  • Executive Order Expansion
    Includes one copy of the Executive Order expansion.
  • Delivirus - Base Game + Expansion
    Includes one copy of Delivirus and one copy of the Executive Order expansion.