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Arcana Academy - A Magic School Role-Playing Game by Jordan Jordan
A magic school RPG about students learning magic, solving mysteries, and forging lasting friendships or bitter rivalries.
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Project overview

Arcana Academy is a tabletop role-playing game where you get to play as students attending a magical school. Solve mysteries, get into trouble, learn magic, and forge lasting friendships or bitter rivalries.
If you've ever wished you could attend a magical school like Hogwarts or Brakebills, this is the game for you. We wanted to focus on the core experience of what it meant to attend school for the magically gifted and focused all of the rules on these elements. Players will get creative with  spells, wander the halls after dark trying to solve mysteries, and explore a world unlike any they've yet experienced.
The game is designed to create these kind of stories whether you have experience with the genre or not. There is a default world filled with characters and their own motivations, locations to explore, and artifacts to discover for those that just want to jump in and start right away. There are also rules for creating your own setting and story. Guided questions will help your group set up their own unique school and story!
The game is inspired by wildly popular Powered by the Apocalypse style of games with a few twists to better fit the tone and theme we wanted to create. Arcana Academy uses a tag based system that lets you choose what's important to the story. Along with the spells you've mastered, your character's personality or talents are what drive the action forward. 
The game uses free-form spell creation, allowing you to customize the spells your character knows. Using the spells at your disposal creatively can totally change the way you approach a challenge. Spells do one specific thing, but have an endless amount of uses. Finding clever ways to use the spells you have at your disposal is part of the fun of playing the game.
A big part of the story revolves around the central mystery. As you look for clues to help you uncover the strange happenings at your school you will get to ask questions the Game Master will answer honestly, however the mystery is working behind the scenes to ruin things for the characters. It's up the the players to work out what's going on before it's too late.
The game also has a strong emphasis on making connections with the side characters. Who you admire and who you hate, how you interact with them, and the way your relationships evolve have a big impact on how the story and the game progresses.