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Harrow County: The Game of Gothic Conflict by Jay Cormier Jay Cormier
An asymmetric game by the team who brought you the critical hit MIND MGMT which was on over a dozen top 10 lists last year.

Project overview

The folk of Harrow County put the witch, Hester Beck, to death. They stabbed, hanged, and buried her under an old oak tree. Soon after, a young girl was born out of that same tree. As Emmy grew, she felt connected to the land and its inhabitants, the townsfolk and the haints. Now Hester’s family has returned to exact revenge, and Emmy must gather her allies to protect Harrow County.
In this asymmetric combat game, players can play as one of the Protectors, trying to rescue townsfolk, one of the Family, trying to destroy everything, Kammi, Emmy’s twin sister, trying to rule Harrow County, or Hester herself, controlling the roots of the tree she was buried under to infect the other players and devour her enemies.

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Harrow County