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Mythic Mischief by IV Studio IV Studio
A game of tactical traps & high-stakes hijinks. Lure opponents with the Vampires or toss them with the Trolls. No matter which of the 7 asymmetric factions you choose, use your abilities to manipulate everything on the board to place your enemies in the path of the dreaded Tomekeeper.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
60 min
14 +

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The Team

Risks and challenges

We have experience delivering both physical and non-physical products as we run a successful animation studio and have many years of experience in delivering on the expectations of our clients, including Netflix, Bad Robot, and Amazon—and we’ve also delivered Moonrakers to over 6,000 backers all over the world with excellent feedback.

Shipping a game from China also has the potential for production and shipping delays due to Covid problems like material shortages, power outages, bidding wars, container shortages, and port bottlenecks. Also, due to the logistics of international shipping, backers may receive their pledges at different times. We will try to keep those differences to a minimum.

We know there will be challenges that arise, but we are mitigating them by working with great partners like Panda Game Manufacturing and Gamefound. As you may have read on the page, we have already submitted all of the design files and are in preproduction to try and speed the entire process along.

We will keep you apprised through updates of any unforeseen situations that arise that will affect the product or the delivery goal.

Thanks for believing in us and in Mythic Mischief.

The team at IV Studio.

Refunds and cancellation

A few things to keep in mind regarding canceling or refunding your pledge.

#1 Gamefound will only collect your pledge at the end of the campaign, so you may freely modify it however you would like until that point.

#2 After the campaign we will be quickly moving to the pledge manager and placing our order for manufacturing. Our files are already submitted and samples are being made. This means that when you ask us for a refund, it is often asking for a return of money that we have already spent. For this reason, we refund at 90% of your pledge to cover any hard costs such as fees from credit cards, Gamefound, etc.

#3 If there are any missing or damaged components in your pledge when you receive it, we'll send you replacements.