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Sammu-ramat & Derrocar by ION ION
Immerse yourself in history with the two newest board games from Ion Game Design. Rule 9th Century BC Assyria as Queen Sammu-ramat with help from advisors and your fellow games in this cooperative game for 1-5 players. Almost three centuries later, assert yourself to the Argentinean Presidency in the middle of the notorious political crisis of 2001-2002 in this competitive game for 1-5 players.

Project story

1 - 5
Play time
60 min
12 +

Sammu-ramat is a cooperative game set in the Near East 800 BC. She was a wonder of a woman, ruling a large empire in turmoil, navigating it into a period of prosperity. But a great leader needs great Advisors. As Sammu-ramats Advisors, your mission in each game you play is to assist her through one of the many challenges that she encountered during her reign. This challenge is presented to you as a scenario, found on an Empire card that you draw during setup. Apart from completing the scenario, players need to make sure that the Empire is stable and that Queen Sammu-ramat is safe.

Are you ready to start your adventure in the Assyrian Empire, almost 3000 years ago? 

Vision: The designer Besime Uyanik's vision is to spread the knowledge of Sammu-ramat, nuance the image of the Assyrian Empire and highlight a strong female leader. Sammu-ramat continues Ion Game Design’s strong line of history-focused thematic games, giving life to the story with game mechanics and illustrations

Characters with unique features combined with clever action mechanics provide a very interesting co-op game experience!

In this 1-5 player co-op board game, you will choose one of the Advisors surrounding the Assyrian royal court as your personal Advisor. Each advisor has a persistent power and a special action. Any advisor not chosen at the start of the game will still be possible to take actions with during the game, as Public advisors, with a less powerful action.  In the Action phase you select which Character Sammu-ramat consults during your turn. This can be your Personal Advisor, any Public Advisor, or Sammu-ramat herself. In any case you are the one making sure her will is being carried out. 

The available actions are Character’s Special Action, Move, Attack, Trade and Play Ashur Card. You can take any combination of your available Actions, including several of the same. In addition you may do the Free trade actions any number of times.

In addition, your actions have long-term effects on the game. Some actions add positive or negative effects to a bag and in future turns when you may have to draw from it, you may be at an advantage or disadvantage because of it.  Your actions let you do resource management, military strategy, and economic planning and together you try to make the best of them in relation to your available advisors.

A new challenge each game provides great replayability and a varied gameplay!
The challenge cards are the central driver of the game, each presenting a unique situation that plays out over a number of months of the reign including setup instructions, turn effects and one or more win conditions. 

Each Challenge card can be played again and again to try to succeed and then improve your result from it. Since the Challenges are varied and the game contains many Challenge cards, you are offered a lot of replayability.

There is also a campaign mode where you can combine multiple Challenge cards to be played after each other with the end state of the first challenge card being the starting setup for the next challenge and so on.

Try to master the Empire's resource and military on the map where the game state is in constant fluctuation by external threats.

The map is the central part of the game as geography is important in the game, just as it was in reality. In Sammu-ramat it is truly implemented into the gameplay. Each Advisor belongs to an area on the map. If you lose control of that area, you lose that Advisor! Even the Advisor you have chosen as your own can be lost, and if an Advisor is attacked, they may die, removing them for the rest of the game.

Losing Advisors is not good, however with the possibility to take actions with public Advisors, no player is ever eliminated. If Sammu-ramat dies however, you are all eliminated from the game, and lose instantly!
Players spend actions to play Ashur cards, Attack, Trade, and move from location to location along the paths printed on the map.

Join Us for a Demo section and link the video from SD Hist Con: Sammu-ramat.mp4

Sammu-ramat will be coming soon to TableTopia.


Includes place holders, new art will be added during the campaign as they are done.
Derrocar: English: overturn - topple - dethrone - upend - overthrow

"Either the president changes, or we will have to change presidents” - E. Duhalde, December 20, 2001

Similar to Sammu-ramat, DerrocAR is a game set in a time of political turmoil. In DerrocAR, you plunge into modern time Argentina as one of the candidates for president during the political crisis of 2001. Will you outsmart the others to seize power? We are sure you will have fun in your attempt as DerrocAR is a game of many comical unwritten storylines that result in alternate versions of this moment in history that will become all your own.

Derrocar is a rich and strategic card game about the week in which Argentina had five presidents, Designed by native Argentinian Bruss Brussco.

It captures the craziness and at the same time base its gameplay on the reality where, in a country tired of politicians, you need to prove that you are the least bad option,

Being the least bad means making the others look worse than you. You collect cards from a market, play sets of cards to generate capital for your campaign, and support for you from the unions, the IMF, or other important actors. You can also play them to generate conflicts and problems for the others.

You have only one action per turn, so choose carefully. This makes the gameplay quick and eventful. And the complexity of the game scalable thanks to a modular rule system

Depending on how many different paths to victory (or doom for the others) you want in the game, there are variable players powers;
the ability to propose laws, play decrees to change the rules of the game to your advantage, get money by embezzling funds, handle unexpected events like flooding, negotiate deals with your opponents, become interim president, create conflicts with the Establishment, launch Bad campaigns with the Press to dirt your opponents, flee in a helicopter and play a role in the shadows, call George W Bush, and more.

Always with the priority: “Rewrite the Argentinian's history and become the new President”

The game and the modules are a combination of cards and small boards that allow you seek combos and opportunities in a web of historically inspired, and mostly accurate, interpretations of what went on during this crazy week in 2001. But in this fast-paced and hilarious game, the outcome is open and in the hands of you, the players. Good luck!

Derrocar will be coming soon to TableTopia.


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Risks and challenges

When you pledge on Gamefound you put your trust in a project long before it is completed and you contribute to making Sammu-ramat and Derrocar a reality. We are grateful for the trust you show us!

Although we have the best laid out plans and a generous timeline, there might be bumps in the road since there are so many different external partners (manufacturer, fulfillment center, etc). The estimated time of delivery may change due to this, but we are continuously improving the way we manufacture and deliver games based on experience from previous projects, and hope to be able to avoid delays. Another factor that is influencing the world right now is the covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent effects. This is a stressful time for all of us and we are hoping it gets better soon.

At the moment Ion Game Design continues as usual here in Sweden and we are in constant contact with our partners to be able to give all our backers continuous updates. Since it is several months before we will start shipping it is difficult to say what the situation looks like then. We feel confident that we will be able to tackle potential bumps on the production and fulfillment road and we will keep you updated about the process along the way.

Refunds and cancellation

If you wish to cancel your reward then, send an e-mail to info@iongamedesign.com  containing your name, address, e-mail address, and we will help you.

Shipping Details

Why back us now

At Ion Game Design we fully embrace the crowdfunding path for our games making it the standard way we introduce our games to the market. There are several reasons why. 

Community. First and foremost we believe in a continuously evolving relationship with our players. Through Gamefound we can share the later parts of the development process with you all and open up for feedback and other involvement.
First access. You are ensured to get the game in the first wave of shipping, the same wave that is sent to shops.
Good price. We always offer our games at a good price for those who back them on Gamefound. In addition we also offer combination packs at even better prices that are normally not found later in our webshop.
Only actual shipping cost. As usual we will only add actual shipping costs to any order, nothing extra for handling. This will be added afterward in the pledge manager which avoids it being increased by campaign fees as well.
Combined shipping advantage. The pledge manager will as usual contain addons and all our other games. We will combine the shipping costs for all extra items bought in the pledge manager and any games backed during the Kickstarter.
Be a supporter of our efforts for the benefit of all. By backing the games you make it possible for us to have a more stable development process and to order larger print runs, and thus making it possible for the price per game to be lower for all of you.

Timeline and Thank you

At the time we launch this campaign we are playtesting and tweaking the rules to get the best balance. At the same time the artist are completing and polishing the components to make these games as beautiful as possible. All files will be sent to the manufacturer by the beginning of the year and the aim is to have massproduction done by April 2022. The games will then be shipped to our three warehouses in the US, Germany and China and then out to backer by end of June.

Again, we are grateful for the trust you show us! Thank you!