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Pax Viking, Pax Renaissance, & High Frontier 4 All: Module 3 by ION/SMG ION/SMG
Viking age, the Renaissance and continued exploration of Space. Feel the winds of history and the future.


Module 1 adds war of independence to your High Frontier experience.

Product description

As Factions expand into the solar system and trade among themselves, they become less dependent on Earth and less tolerant of Earth-centered trade limits and regulations. Secessionists start to clamor for independence and self-governance. But if war is declared, the game state changes drastically until it is resolved, with fierce fighting between the Loyalists and the Independents. At stake: will space ventures be subject to Earth regulations and governance by terrestrial superpowers and multinational organizations like the UN, or will they be a bunch of self-governing city-states?

Module 3 adds the following components:
1 Drawer Box
These Rules
1 StabilityTrack Placard
5 Meeples, 1 of each faction color
20 Leverage Disks, 4 of each faction color
10 Black Cubes representing Secessionists (War of Independence) only
20 Medals of Honor (double-sided, 1VP/2VP

More info

Note: High Frontier 4 All: Module 3 - Conflict is an expansion that require that you have High Frontier 4 All Core box to play.