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High Frontier 4 All by ION ION
High Frontier 4 All is a space exploration game at its core. Each turn you perform 1 action (called an operation) and 1 movement (provided that you have launched a rocket).
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Project overview


This is the 4th edition of Phil Eklund's signature game High Frontier.  It all started with Rocket Flight. This game had the ambition to let  "Each player start as a space faring company in the year 2020 trying to  make a profit in trade and technology development." We are now at 2020 and High Frontier 4 All will turn High Frontier  into
  • a more accessible game, using introductory games that introduce the mechanics step by step as well as tutorials and a lot of illustrated examples and strategy tips.
  • a game system, open for additions and modules. This will enable the active and brilliant community around High Frontier to evolve it continuously and for us to honor them by publishing modules that Phil deem worthy.

This is a Late Pledge page for High Frontier 4 All. In addition to the pledge you have the opportunity to buy a large neoprene map and all our other games. They will all be shipped at the same time to give you a combined shipping price advantage. They are shipped together so the estimated delivery High Frontier 4 All as well as and add-ons or extra games ordered here is late June 2020.

If you want games from us delivered earlier, place an order at ionsmg.com (separate shipping cost applies).

Late pledge will be available until February 15th.

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