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Bios:Mesofauna & Galenus by ION/SMG ION/SMG
Explore history and science through unique gaming experiences with our two new board games Galenus and Bios:Mesofauna.

Project overview

Welcome to the pledge manager for the two new games Galenus and Bios:Mesofauna from IONSMG! Let´s dive right in, shall we?

A board game for 1-4 players by designer Harry-Pekka Kuusela.
Medicine in Imperial Rome is an art of celebrated advances, an art of showmanship and bitter rivalry between practitioners all with their own entourages. There is one doctor above all others: Galenus. The writings of this second century Greco-Roman would be the epitome of medicine for one thousand years to come.

The players in this game enter this arena as doctors starting out by studying, treating patients, accumulating reputation and competing against each other in showy demonstrations. The goal of the game is to be the best young doctor, primus inter pares, by collecting the most favor in the eyes of Galenus over five rounds and thus becoming his friend and student.

A board game of the evolution of life for 1 to 4 players by game designers Phil Eklund & Jon Manker

The Cambrian period was an explosion of complex lifeforms. These included arthropods, which crawled from the oceans to dominate the terrestrial world as insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. Bios:Mesofauna is their story.

Bios:Mesofauna is your gateway into the Bios series, providing our easiest ruleset and levels of gameplay suitable from children to experienced gamers. You can begin with the simple Caterpillar game, move on to the intermediate Cocoon game, add all the bells and whistles with the Butterfly game, and perhaps even combine it with a copy of Bios:Megafauna for an epic gaming experience for up to 8 players. Living rules Bios:Mesofauna.

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Bios:Mesofauna and Galenus

The games from the latest Kickstarter campaign including backer impact additions such as linen finish on all cards, score card for each player in Bios:Mesofauna and more integrated in Galenus. These games are estimated to ship in June, 2021.

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