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Vast Grimm by Infinite Black Infinite Black
Vast Grimm is a rules-light Infectious Sci-Fi Horror RPG packed with everything you need to immerse yourself into a universe on the brink of collapse. Vast Grimm features 3 new Elder Dice sets with amazing holographic grimoires!

Project story


Vast Grimm is a stand alone, art-filled, punk-fueled OSR role-playing game about the few humans remaining in a universe being consumed by growing parasitic würms.

Are you a MAnchiNe ravaged by war, pieced together with remnants of bots and the little flesh left of your body? Maybe you're a twisted biochemist shoving needles into your arms in hopes that this next fix will be the one that saves you and what’s left of humanity? Or perhaps you are a soul survivor, like a cockroach, doing whatever necessary to stay alive even if it means the rest of your Legion must perish.

This is a game about survival, no matter how gruesome things get, humanity must survive.

Compatible with Mörk Borg, this book was inspired by the incredible game created by Pelle Nilsson and Johan Nohr. Vast Grimm does not require you to have their book to play, but what lies before you would not exist without it.

A Look Inside the Book

Vast Grimm is the framework for YOUR LEGION to adventure in a crumbling universe. Whether you use the rules in their entirety or snag pieces to weave into your existing games is up to you. The art lining the pages of the book is a mix of sculpture, expressive ink work, and fractured expressionism; or a slam-dance, mosh pit of the three. It is beaten up, nasty, and gruesome, just like the characters you'll be playing.

Quick to Learn Rules
The rules in this game are simple and minimalistic. You can take them as they are, or modify them to fit the style at your table. Almost all rolls lie in the fate of the players' hands. Most often rolling a d20 along with a modifier to beat the specific challenge rating. Players also roll for defense and the damage they take. So if you’re the GM, you won’t be pulling any punches.

Scroll down to see a list of contents in the book.

Elder Dice: Vast Grimm

Prototypes and Visualizations Shown Above.

Elder Dice are the perfect dice for any sci-fi, horror or fantasy roleplaying game. They are also ideal for upgrading the dice in your board games. This new Vast Grimm line of Elder Dice is designed around two new infectious symbols, with the symbol replacing the highest value on each die. Each polyhedral set comes with ten standard sized dice (two d20s, d12, d10, d%, d8, three d6, and one d4). These specially designed Elder Dice sets will take your Vast Grimm game night to the next level. They are also great for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other RPGs!

Each set is packaged in a matching holographic spellbook box with a magnetic clasp that will look amazing on your gaming table or shelf. Also included with each Elder Dice set is a holographic foil lore card with information on the set symbol. We also have sets of 9 six-sided dice as well. 


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)


Actual Play & Reviews

The Game

What Is On The Pages:
A brief history of how The Six set out on a pilgrimage to the Primordial Mausoleum of THEY, in the year zer0. These truly devout disciples unleashed a plague of parasitic würms when they unsealed the ancient tomb. It has been 663 years since that day, those who the würms infected have become known as The Grimm. 

  • Locations across the ‘verse – A look at some of the places your Legion might explore while playing.
  • The Endings – Fatuma’s prophecies of the universe's demise with rules on how these Torments will occur in gameplay.
  • 8 Fast & Easy Steps to Character Creation – Rolling dice to determine everything about your character. Don't get too attached... they probably won't last long. This includes 8 character classes like the MAnchiNe, Emo|Bot, and The Harvester. It also has charts for Irritating Idiosyncrasies, Misspent Youth, and Battle Scars to really give your character that extra level of filth. 
  • Tributes – 20 pieces of technomagic that when used improperly can implode causing Cataclysmic Condemnations. 
  • Pharmaceuticals – Because those who can’t physically escape often find other means to do so.
  • Würms – 6 different würms to get infected by, wreaking havoc on your body and mind. Each includes a Parasitic Pain and Parasitic Pleasure chart to roll randomly on each day until you either die or the würm tires of your meat suit and decides to find another host.
  • Optional Rules – For your Legion’s (group/party) background, random starting ships, and devastating Cataclysmic Condemnations. 
  • Monstrous Abominations – Nasty things to challenge your Legion’s fortitude.
  • Quick Rules – All you need to dive in and start playing in minutes. 
  • GM Charts – Tables for Adventure Sparks, Random Encounters, Abandoned Ships, Cosmic Treasures, Stealing from the Dead, and more.
  • An Introductory AdventureDeath Aboard the Conundrum, a broken-down science ship is believed to have a piece needed to build The Gate of Infinite Stars. This relic could fetch a king’s ransom in cred sticks, or maybe even secure you and your Legion a way out of this ‘verse. This adventure includes random charts so the adventure can be replayed numerous times.

Add-On Info

Prototypes and Visualizations Shown Above.

Reward Items Breakdown

Retail Stores

We love supporting local game shops! If you are the owner or manager who would like to carry Vast Grimm, we want to get in front of your customers!

To have access to retailer discounts on this Gamefound please fill out this form and let us know the email address you used to sign up for a Gamefound account. As a retailer you receive:
  • 50% off SRP on all items except for the Vast Grimm Hardcover Book which you will cost $10 (60% off SRP)
  • Access to Gamefound exclusive items
  • All stretch goals that unlock
  • Products for your store before other stores and distributors who did not back the campaign 

On top of special offers here on Gamefound, we are currently developing a program to encourage in-store games run by fans with a reward system for both GMs and stores who participate. JOIN US!

Who's Piloting the Ship?

About Infinite Black
Infinite Black is a small team of indie creators working to produce cool gaming stuff. We are best known for our highly successful, crowd-funded Elder Dice campaigns. The level of quality, attention to detail, and artistry in what we make, and our dedication to customer support is all part of what has helped us build an amazing community around our products. No Infinite Black campaign would be complete without Elder Dice! We've come up with some radical, new color and symbol combinations just for Vast Grimm. 

Why we need your help on Gamefound
We have brought Vast Grimm to Gamefound for crowd-funding as the first-ever tabletop roleplaying game to be on this incredible platform. We have completed most of the art, design, and writing for Vast Grimm, and now we need your help to produce it in true book form with some awesome accessories to make the experience unique and immersive at your gaming table. We are crowdfunding this project to ensure we reach as many people as we can and to continue to grow our community.

Why pledge today?
By pledging now, you will ensure that Vast Grimm is a success and you will be one of the first people to get to play this quick-to-learn system. We also have choices for exclusive Vast Grimm products that are only available here on Gamefound during the campaign.
Vast Grimm was originally created by Brian Colin after his friend and collaborator Ross Brandt ran a game of Mörk Borg. Immediately enamored with the design aesthetic and the tone of the game, Brian was inspired to sculpt a creature with dark overtones. From that first beast, a universe was born. Brian and Ross handle the writing and graphic design of the book, with the majority of art is by Brian Colin, David LaRocca, and Allen Panakal.


Shipping will be calculated and charged after manufacturing has been completed. We calculate shipping based on the weight of the rewards, the stretch goals, the handling fees charged by our fulfillment partners, and the country your rewards will be shipped to. By charging shipping after manufacturing has been completed, we are able to keep shipping as low as possible for everyone. 

Risks and challenges

We are very excited to bring Vast Grimm to the gaming community. It's a privilege to be entrusted by so many people to bring this project to life. We will work hard to make sure it is as smooth as can be. Together the team at Infinite Black has completed many crowdfunding campaigns. Each crowdfunding project brings many valuable lessons learned. Because of our experience, we feel very confident in our ability to deliver a quality product to you.

We have allotted time to finalize the project at the conclusion of the campaign, and then we will roll right into production. We have been working with our manufacturing partners in China for months on the components of Vast Grimm to be sure the manufacturing process goes as smoothly as possible. We have a strong relationship with our fulfillment partner. These relationships are incredibly important and give us confidence in our ability to deliver your rewards in a safe and economical manner.

However, with our experience, we know that unexpected issues can arise during the production process. Final preparations for manufacturing after the Gamefound campaign could take longer than expected. There can be manufacturing delays that are beyond our control. When the product is inspected for quality control, a flaw could be found and a part may have to be remade. Molds may breakdown and have to be recreated. We will not sacrifice quality, even if it pushes the schedule back!

There can also be delays with shipping. Products can be delayed at sea, there may be extended customs inspections, and even adverse weather conditions may slow down local delivery. Deadly pandemics may strike, causing governments to shut down commerce either regionally or globally.

But, when you support Vast Grimm, we promise to keep you up to date about its progress from the campaign’s close all the way to when everything is shipped. As you can see from our previous campaigns, we regularly post updates. We will let you know the status of the project at regular intervals.

Refunds and cancellation

Backers will be able to get a refund up until the close of the pledge manager (the pledge manager is closed just before your rewards are shipped). Any refund will be minus any Gamefound and payment processing fees. We will announce far in advance when Vast Grimm’s pledge manager is about to close so you have plenty of time.