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GM's Dressing Dice - Locations and NPCs by Incognito Solutions, Inc. Incognito Solutions, Inc.
We bring you the "GM's Dressing Dice" part 2, an essential tool for both aspiring and seasoned world-building game masters.

Project overview

We are Incognito Solutions, Inc. and we bring you the GM's DRESSING DICE Part 2! The GM's DRESSING DICE is a tool that will help aspiring Game Masters in their tabletop role-playing games like D&D, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, etc. GM's DRESSING DICE is a Roll Table on a Die, and it serves to generate a visual aid for your tabletop games. Keep in mind that the GM's DRESSING DICE is not a game, it is a game-prep and improv tool that will help Game Masters (GM's) populate their existing worlds with awesome locations and colorful non-player characters.
The size of GM's Dressing Dice is 20mm. They are bigger than the standard d6 dice, which makes the images a lot clearer. The images on each die are colored for better recognition, while the color of the actual die is rustic ivory.

Each box (set) has 8 dice, and each die represents a different theme or concept.

The Locations box covers: Locations (mountains, hills, forests, etc.), Settlement (camp, fortress, city, etc.), Climate (fog, sunny, windy, etc.), Vegetation (cacti, trees, grass, etc.), Location Feature 1 (volcano, lake, mine, etc.), Location Feature 2 (haunted forest, swamp, portal, etc.), Settlement Feature 1 (wizard's tower, tavern, dungeon, etc.), and lastly, Settlement Feature 2 (circus tent, statue, clock tower, etc.).
The NPCs box covers: Head (hats and headgear), Body (clothing), Misc Item 1 (flower, ring, keys, etc.), Misc Item 2 (cloak, pet, bottle, etc.), Weapon (sword, spear, axe, etc.), Armor (various armors and a shield), and two Color Dice for some extra variety.

The Dungeon 3 box covers: King's Castle (the stuff found in a castle or a palace), Dark Cavern (things to populate your caves and pits, etc.), Deep Dungeon (Prisons, dungeons, torture rooms, etc.), Lord's Manor (wealthy houses, mansions, etc.), Ancient Ruin (decrepit ruins, old buildings, etc.), Priest's Temple (temples, shrines, chapels, graveyards, holy places, etc.), Wizard's Tower (wizard's tower, witch huts, warlock's chambers, etc.), and Rowdy Tavern (taverns, inns, etc.)

The NPCs 2 Box covers: Mood (angry, scared, disinterested, etc.), Pet/Familiar (different kinds of animals, including the almighty pseudodragon), Class 1 and Class 2 (various classes, from barbarian to wizard), Attribute (strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma), Race 1, Race 2 and Race 3 (all of these dice cover three most common fantasy races, from underground dwelling dwarves to sky soaring birdfolk). This set is ideal in combination with the NPCs 1 set, and as such it offers countless roleplaying possibilities. 

Since GM's DRESSING DICE is a tool, there are no rules on how you should be using them. Be creative, explore your own ideas! Here are some of the many possible uses:
Simply roll the dice, and mark or draw the result on your map. You can roll all of the dice at once, or roll them separately; it all depends on what you as a Game Master need at a time. One roll is enough to generate memorable locations, and create a great map for your fantasy roleplaying campaign!

"The players' characters have encountered an orc, but unlike his fellow kin, this orc needs to feel unique! After all, he is going to tell the PCs about the "Emerald Mesa" and the treasures forgotten within its dark chambers." Once again, roll the dice and generate the physical appearance of your NPC, in this case, Meow-Tusk the Liar.


We are aiming to deliver this project as soon as possible. The current estimated delivery date is March 2021.

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