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Immunization is a modern board game for 1-4 players to understand how vaccines are developed to fight diseases. You are a Pharmaceutical Leader developing the next generation of best-in-class vaccines to protect populations against life-threatening diseases and fast-spreading outbreaks.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
60 min
12 +
In a world threatened by persistent diseases and fast-spreading outbreaks, you are leading a pharmaceutical company developing the next generation of vaccines.

Your goal is to protect the most at-risk populations against infectious diseases. You are challenged to develop effective vaccines by discovering the best antigenic formulations, to launch your clinical trials, to manage your vaccine production capacity and to define a competitive sales strategy. Pay attention to the prices you establish since the public opinion may influence your sales performance. Always remember to invest in new technologies and wisely manage your Research & Development budget in order to develop a successful vaccine portfolio!

How to win the game?

The players can win the game by accumulating immunization points and/or by eradicating diseases, depending on the game mode. Additional victory points(VPs) can be collected during the game. 

A score pad has been included in the game box for free for our Gamefound backers!

Note: The monetary element has been included in the game to explain the investment cycle in Research & Development. The players need to re-invest the sales revenues into the development of new vaccines to generate additional immunization points.

The Game Principle

A l'attention de nos amis francophones

Les principales informations liées à notre campagne de financement présentée ci-dessous ont été traduites sur notre site web IMMUNITARIUM.
Nous vous invitons donc à vous rendre sur la page de notre site pour découvrir les caractéristiques du jeu en français. Vous pourrez ensuite revenir sur cette page de campagne Gamefound pour commander votre copie du jeu en suivant les instructions décrites dans la section suivante.

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Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)

Why back now?

Game Overview

Why it's unique

What's in the box?

Game Modes

How to play

A consolidated version of the Immunization rulebook is available for download. Click here to access the pdf file.
The current version is in English but we will also translate it in French, Spanish and German. The translated versions of the rulebook will be available for download in a pdf format on our website Immunitarium.com (PDF Rulebooks).

Note: the game components will remain in English to simplify the production process and help us stay on schedule and budget.

As one says, a picture (or a video) is worth a thousand words! Meanwhile, we have prepared a series of short video tutorials to explain the main Immunization game rules.

1. Begin the game by setting up the Disease profiles.

2. Develop your vaccine formulas by purchasing reagents, technologies and expertise, and define the efficacy of your vaccines.

3. Select the Toxicology model and test your vaccines before initiating the clinical studies.

4. Initiate Phase I/II and Phase III clinical studies to validate the safety and efficacy of your vaccines in humans.

5. Increase your production capacity and allocate your vaccine units.

6. Define your vaccine prices and launch your vaccines on the market.

7. In the competitive mode: Define the "best-in-class" vaccines between players’ vaccines and fight diseases by addressing the medical needs.

8. In the cooperative mode: Launch your vaccines in collaboration with the other players to eradicate all the diseases before the last turn.

9. Acquire more Technologies and Expertise to improve your vaccine development process and eliminate the infectious diseases that threaten the world.

10. With the included Outbreak expansion, fight a fast-spreading outbreak that can evolve over time and can decrease the efficacy of your vaccines.

In addition to the rule book and the video tutorials, we have developed quick rules and Action summary cards to help players to quickly learn the rules of the game. The quick rules are displayed on the back of the privacy screens.

  • Quick rules (verso of the privacy screens)

  • Action summary card (Recto)
  • Action sumary cards (verso)

Shipping information

The shipping fees and potential VAT/Sales Taxes will be collected after the campaign. When the Pledge Manager phase starts, you will be asked via email to fill in your address and be charged for shipping at that time. Prices will vary based on your location. To comply with import tax laws in areas like the EU and the UK, VAT and other regional taxes associated with the backer's region will be added to each pledge in the pledge manager.

The final product will be shipped from China to several warehouses located around the world to streamline the distribution process. The most recent shipping cost estimations received from our fulfillment partner are listed below.
Please keep in mind that the current pandemic context and the related supply chain congestion can lead to changes.
All estimates are displayed in USD.

Note: during this campaign, we will not deliver pledges to Russia and Belarus.
Our goal is to deliver the game to our backers by the end of this year. We know that targeting December 2022 represents a challenge, especially during this pandemic context. Nevertheless, we are ready to take on this challenge and will do our very best to meet this goal (see the "Risks & Challenges" section).

Risks and challenges

The Immunization Game Project is our first crowdfunding campaign. While we are new in the crowdfunding world, we are committed to bringing this game to market. As professionals working in the healthcare sector, we have more than 20 years of Project management experience. Besides, we have been developing this game for more than a year and we have learnt about the good crowdfunding practices and the lessons from the best game designers.

Regarding the product, the final version of the prototype is completed. We are now working on the additional game components related to the Stretch Goals proposed during the campaign. The game and all components will be produced in China with high-quality material as the satisfaction of our backers is our top priority.
Regarding the logistics, we have been in regular contact with our Manufacturing and Fulfillment partners for 6 months to ensure that the production and delivery phases go as smooth as possible. That being said, the current pandemic context has disrupted supply chains. While businesses are progressively recovering, production and delivery processes remain still vulnerable. In other words, the production and delivery of the final product might get delayed.
In summary, the development of the product is practically finished. So, we are highly confident about our ability to manufacture and ship the game to all our backers. The main risk factor in this project is a potential delay in delivery due to prolonged production or unforeseen circumstances related to the pandemic and the global supply chain crisis.

In this particular context, we are fully committed to transparency and regular communication with our backers. We will be updating you during the whole manufacturing and fulfillment process. We can also assure you that we will read all your comments and will answer any questions you may have.

About the creators

We are an international team of Doctors in Science with various expertise in Immunology, Genetics and Pharmacology. Our goal is to make Science understandable to everyone through innovative learning methods including educative board games. We believe that board games can help raise our health consciousness by making scientific concepts accessible to all generations in a simple and funny way.

Modern board games dealing with actual health issues represent a powerful and universal communication tool to equip the current and future generations with the knowledge required to take on the biggest public health challenges.

Let’s experience Science differently, join the Immunitarium Community and ignite your Health Consciousness!

Refunds and cancellation

During the crowdfunding campaign, you are free to modify or cancel your order. Your payment will be collected by Gamefound only at the end of the  campaign, provided that the campaign is successfully funded.

After the campaign, if you would like to cancel your order, you can contact our Customer Support Team to request the cancellation of your order. We will offer a 90% refund. The remaining 10% will be used to cover the payment processing fees, the Gamefound platform fees, and other administrative fees.

If you receive the game and any component would be damaged or missing, you can contact our Customer Support Team and we will be happy to send a replacement.