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TITAN by Holy Grail Games
Strip mine Titan in this exciting Eurogame featuring a giant 3D board!
For Science!
For Science!

For Science!

Bend science to your will for fun and profit!
€12.00 €20.00

Product description

Harness the power of science for your mining operations!

In the Titan expansion For Science! you’ll have the use of new technologies to aid your mining efforts.

This expansion introduces a whole new category of Rigs to your mining arsenal: Science Rigs. Each time one of these Rigs is activated, you’ll gain access to the Science board, which sports a large selection of new technologies just waiting to be used!

Once activated, these new technologies add extra effects to your Rigs – making them more efficient or giving them whole new powers to exploit. This leaves you with lots of new options for elaborating and executing strategies, whether it’s through building potent engines or profiting from powerful one-off boosts.

For Science! adds a new dimension of strategy to your games of Titan, by drastically increasing the number of options you have available without adding any random elements to the game.