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TITAN by Holy Grail Games
Strip mine Titan in this exciting Eurogame featuring a giant 3D board!
It Came from Below!
It Came from Below!

It Came from Below!

You're not alone Titan...
€18.00 €25.00

Product description

Warning - an unidentified presence has been detected in the mining crater…

In the Titan expansion It Came From Below you’ll encounter Titan’s resident extra-terrestrial! This unpredictable being will move around the crater, helping or hindering you with its actions.

This expansion introduces the Alien, a worker placement mechanic that all players can control. The Alien comes with its own Rigs and resources, and can even spawn babies during play! Each turn the active player will be able to move the Alien and have it perform actions, but exactly what it does – as well as the properties of its resources and Babies – is determined randomly at the start of the game. How you use them is up to you…

It came from Below adds a lot of replayability to Titan by vastly increasing your options. Depending on the Alien configuration that you draw, the way that you use it will change completely each time you play!