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TITAN by Holy Grail Games
Strip mine Titan in this exciting Eurogame featuring a giant 3D board!


Solo/AI expansion for Titan
€8.00 €15.00

Product description

Will technology replace humanity?

In the Starbot expansion, you’ll be playing in Titan’s Solo Mode, battling it out against an autonomous mining robot to bring back the best haul.

This expansion introduces Starbot, an opponent controlled by an AI system. The bot will be building its own extraction network, installing Rigs and using its Drones in a similar way to a normal player. The Bot’s behaviour is determined by its level of aggression, chosen by you at the start of the game. It’s actions go all the way from simply mining as fast as it can to attacking your network directly!

Starbot can be an extremely challenging opponent, so Titan’s Solo mode is a great way to continue honing your skills by playing alone.