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TITAN by Holy Grail Games
Strip mine Titan in this exciting Eurogame featuring a giant 3D board!
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Project overview

Drill for your Fortune on Titan!
Titan is an expert level Eurogame for 2 to 4 players focused on network building, resourcen management and worker placement. As a miner employed by the Stardrill Corporation, you’re being sent to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Your mission: to retrieve as many resources as possible.

Create your extraction network by deploying your equipment into the layers of Titan’s mining crater, represented by a unique 3D board. Build mining Rigs and connect them to your network with Pipes, then fill your ship’s hold with the resources they produce. You’ll also have a team of Drones to command to optimise your actions. The resources you gain can be spent during the game or stored to gain points at the end, but beware, your cargo hold can only take so much…

Titan combines a fascinating puzzle with unique production quality to offer a truly challenging and unforgettable tabletop experience.

Core Game